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Wool Bedding, MN

Cuddle Ewe offers quality wool bedding to help you sleep better, deeper and enjoy your bed in a more relaxing matter. At Cuddle Ewe, we offer special selected and processed wool that is resilient and gentle. The wool moves with the contours of your body so that the weight is supported and diffused over your comfy mattress.

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Wool Mattress Topper Pads

Competition is everywhere. Between siblings, on the job or athletic field, and especially in the retail market. When it comes to the retail world, in order to outperform your competitors, you must be able to set your product apart from the other options in the market. When it comes to wool mattress toppers, our design team at Cuddle Ewe™ has taken the necessary steps to offer not only a superior wool mattress topper, but an affordable one as well!

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Natural Pain Management with Wool

Wool Bedding SaleManaging pain on a daily basis can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. Unfortunately, some individuals wake up every morning in pain. The pain can be from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or some other issue you may be dealing with. Sure, relying on medications to take away the pain may be a temporary solution, but it is not something you should rely on every single day. If you are at the point where you are looking to try something new when it comes to managing your pain, consider natural pain management with wool. At Cuddle Ewe™, we specialize in offering 100% all natural wool bedding products that can help you reduce the pain you are regularly experiencing, while strengthen your sleeping habits as well.

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Travel Mattress Pad/Topper

Travel Mattress TopperIndividuals are more mobile than at any other time in history. Many of us travel around the country, or even the globe, as part of our jobs. We take vacations in all parts of the globe as well. If there is a less-than-desirable aspect of our modern-day ease-of-travel that does not have to do with excessive baggage charges, it would be the difficulty of sleeping in places that are not our homes.

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Cuddle Ewe™ March Madness Sale

100% Wool Comforters and PillowsFor many people in America, March is the best time of year! Not only do you begin to see glimpses of spring weather, but the NCAA basketball March Madness tournament begins! In 2016, basketball is not the only March Madness event around. In fact, we at Cuddle Ewe™ have a March Madness sale that you do not want to miss!

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Cuddle Ewe™ — A Gift That Keeps Giving!

Wool BeddingWinter is on it’s way and what does that mean? The holidays are here! It’s a fun, festive time to spend enjoying extra time with family and friends. It is also a time to choose gifts for your loved ones that they can enjoy all year. This can be as much of a challenge as it is fun, as some people are harder to shop for than others.

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