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Hypoallergenic Wool Bedding

If you watch late-night TV, you’ve certainly come across ads for the next great pillow that will solve all of your sleep problems. Even the best of those products is only likely to work for a relatively short period of time, and some of them will fall short of expectations immediately. However, Cuddle Ewe™ sleep products are different.

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Temperature-Regulating Mattress Pad

BBB LogoIf you value your sleep, and if you have ever woken up in the middle of the night because you were just too hot in warm weather seasons, or too cold in colder weather seasons, you should consider a Cuddle Ewe™ Cheviot Wool mattress topper.  Wool is a natural fiber, which means that it has properties that help regulate temperature.  In warmer weather, a wool mattress pad helps wick away sweat and excess body heat, allowing you to sleep in comfortable coolness all night long.  And in colder weather, wool holds in just enough of your body heat to keep you comfortably warm all night long.  The difference between other mattress pads and a Cuddle Ewe™ wool mattress pad is that a Cuddle Ewe™ mattress pad is made of Cheviot wool, literally the best wool in the world for sleep products.

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Cuddle Ewe Sleep Products

Quality Wool PillowsThe late ESPN anchor Stuart Scott made a name for himself, in part, by using humorous catchphrases. Arguably his best and most well-known was to describe an athlete who had made a good play as being, “as cool as the other side of the pillow.” If he had been aware of the products offered by Cuddle Ewe…

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Cozy Comfort of Wool Bedding

Cozy Wool Mattress ToppersThis is the time of year that people can really appreciate the many Benefits of Wool Bedding. Pure Wool does an amazing job of providing a cozy, comfy sleep experience making Wool Mattress Toppers a wonderful addition to any bed. It is like having sleep therapy to enhance the level of deep restful sleep you can have night after night.

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Wool Bedding is Nature’s Insulator

Wool Mattress PadSheep’s Wool is one of nature’s most wonderful insulators. Natural Wool has unique characteristics that give it a wide comfort range in warm and cold climates. People have been kept comfortable by sheep’s wool for over 12,000 years because it works. Sleeping with Wool Bedding can actually relieve night sweats.

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Natural Pain Management With Wool

Quality Wool BeddingOrganic Wool Bedding from Cuddle Ewe™ has this wonderful and unique ability to help manage pain for a better night’s sleep. Each woolen fiber has a crimp that springs back time and time again for a wonderful buoyancy. Your body will feel as though it is cradled in comfort without stress on tender points like hips, shoulders, backs and knees. This is just one way in which Pure Wool Bedding acts as natural Pain Reduction to Improve Sleep. Try our Wool Mattress Toppers, Pillows and Comforters for yourself to see how wool bedding significantly improves pain.

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