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Arthritis Pain Relief | Wool Bedding

wool bedding products natural reliefAccording to data gathered by a national health institute survey between 2003 and 2005, arthritis is among the most common ailments among adults in the United States, and it is the most common cause of disability. A separate study has found, however, that relief from arthritis pain can be found in improved sleep.

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Cuddle Ewe™ March Madness Sale

100% Wool Comforters and PillowsFor many people in America, March is the best time of year! Not only do you begin to see glimpses of spring weather, but the NCAA basketball March Madness tournament begins! In 2016, basketball is not the only March Madness event around. In fact, we at Cuddle Ewe™ have a March Madness sale that you do not want to miss!

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Quality Wool Mattress Pad

Quality Mattress Pads All across the country this week, states have been experiencing bad weather. From tornadoes to 2 feet of snow, this country has seen some extremes. While no one really enjoys this type of weather, there is always a sense of nostalgia during extreme weather.

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Wool Mattress Topper: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Holiday Sleep Sale on Wool BeddingSeasons greetings to you and yours! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and before you know it, Christmas will be here too. So have you completed all of your holiday shopping? If you are like most people in America, the shopping has just begun! As you are making your list, and checking it twice, consider giving a gift that will impact your loved one’s quality of life. If someone you love has trouble getting to sleep, or suffers from some sort of chronic pain, our Cuddle Ewe™ mattress topper is a great gift to give them!

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Mattress Toppers with Wool

Mattress Pad/TopperAre you sick of buying mattress toppers that only feel comfortable for a short period of time? You would think that comfort from a mattress topper would last for a long time. Unfortunately, most of the mattress toppers on the market just don’t last. For that reason, the dedicated and knowledgeable team at Cuddle Ewe™ decided to go the extra mile to create mattress toppers built to last!

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The Many Benefits of Wool Bedding

100% Wool Comforters and PillowsHave you been sleeping on bedding materials for the last few years that simply are not providing that comfort that you need to have a good nights sleep? With so many bedding options on the market, it is difficult to determine which merchant to go with and to know which one’s are telling the truth. Instead, direct customer reviews are a more realistic way to gauge a company.

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