Searching for quality bedding made to last? Having trouble finding an all natural product that can help you rest your pretty head at night? Cuddle Ewe™ is the answer to your long list of questions that ultimately leads to: how do I rest comfortably at night? Our wool bedding is made from 100% pure, all natural wool. At Cuddle Ewe™, we specially garnet the wool into a batting and then enclose the bedding into a heavy all natural cotton ticking material. Our wool products are quality bedding made to last.

Wool Toppers For Your Mattress

Can you describe wool bedding as delicious even though you don’t eat it? If we could, we would! Our soft, conforming wool mattress pad makes you feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud. It has so many positive benefits to offer your body. With our wool mattress pads, your bed is no longer just a place to sleep. When you apply wool toppers for your mattress, your bed becomes an oasis of rest for your body. Our wool bedding has a natural resilience that’s just not found in other materials. The actual fibers within our wool create a weight-supporting structure like no other! This means that once you apply the wool topper for your mattress, your body will rest on wool bedding that has the dynamic ability to support and distribute body weight away from all of your pressure points and tender areas, alleviating pain in the joints and soothing aching muscles. Can you believe that? Wool bedding actually has an analgesic effect.

Wool Pillows

While our wool mattress pads work wonders for our bodies, what about the neck and head? How do we gain those same great effects on our head and neck? Wool bedding doesn’t end with just wool toppers for your mattress. In order to have quality bedding made to last, you must first have a complete set of wool bedding items. Wool pillows are made to support the entire head and neck. We’ve made different types of wool pillows, based on if you are a side or back sleeper. Our goal was to take the stress of that head weight off of your neck while sleeping. With 2 layers of different density and pure wool, our wool pillows are perfect for anyone trying to increase their comfortability while they sleep. Don’t worry about the phrase “cooler on the flip side of my pillow” either! Wool bedding has the capability to regulate temperature, keeping you nice and comfortable all throughout the night!
So, if you are ready to give wool bedding a try, call Cuddle Ewe™ today at 800-290-9199. We are ready for you to find relief with wool bedding by owning our quality bedding made to last.