Wool Mattress Toppers

Surround yourself in warmth and comfort each night with our all-wool mattress toppers and wake up rejuvenated each day. The Cuddle Ewe™ Underquilt transforms your bed into a private retreat where you can escape to a good night’s sleep.

Our specially selected and processed wool has a unique, buoyant, resiliency that gently yields to the contours of your entire body so that its weight is supported and diffused more evenly over your mattress. Your weight is much less concentrated at hips, shoulders, and other contact points with your bed and you feel lighter — as if floating. This cradled comfort enables you to drift off to sleep sooner and also sleep longer in one position. As a result, you won’t toss and turn as much and you will experience a more restful sleep. And when you awake, you feel physically regenerated — your body “feels happy” as one Underquilt owner expressed it.

Made in the U.S.A.

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