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Improving Your Sleep, Luxuriously

Humans have comforted themselves with sheep wool for centuries. The fibers of wool capture air that acts as a buffer to changes in temperature. That’s why clothing made of it — sweaters, suits, socks, etc. — keeps us warm in winter and surprisingly cool in summer. And wool breathes. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet to the skin, and then evaporate it into the air.

The combination of wool’s breathable insulating and moisture dispersion virtues makes our Underquilt the ultimate bedding underlayment. With a Cuddle Ewe™ Underquilt  100% pure wool mattress topper between you and your mattress, you are suspended in insulating layers of air held next to you body within its plush wool. You’re now nestled in a bed that quickly matched your body temperature when you entered it, and it remains that way in constant, toasty warmth without overheating.

And, the moisture given off by your body is absorbed by the Underquilt’s wool fibers while you’re in bed and dispersed to the air when you leave it. Your skin and sheets remain dry and you sleep much better.

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Easy To Use

Using your Underquilt is simple. It is placed directly on your mattress, under your bottom sheet. It won’t move around or slide off — it’s own weight and your bottom sheet (either fitted or non-fitted) anchors it in place. Your top sheets and other bed covers are made up in the usual manner.

Caring for it is easy too. We recommend placing a cotton flannelette between your bottom sheet and the 100% wool mattress cover to help keep it clean. If it does get soiled, it can be sponge cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent and allowed to air dry. You may wish to turn it on the mattress when you change sheets and occasionally hang it outdoors to air out. Loops sewn into the Underquilt’s seams can be used for this purpose.

Mind Benefits of Sleep:

A handful of our specially selected and processed wool has a unique, buoyant, resiliency that gently yields to the contours of your entire body so that its weight is supported and diffused more evenly over your mattress. Your weight is much less concentrated at hips, shoulders, and other contact points with your bed and you feel lighter — almost as if floating. This cradled comfort enables you to drift off to sleep much sooner than you may have experienced and also sleep longer in one position. As a result, you won’t toss and turn as much and you will experience a deeper, more restful sleep. And when you awake, you feel physically and mentally regenerated — your body “feels happy” as one Underquilt owner expressed it.

Sleep Your Way to Better Health

Many Cuddle Ewe™ Underquilt owners tell us that what they appreciate most is the stress and pain-relieving effect it has on them — especially those convalescing with broken bones, or suffering from back problems or other ailments such as fibromyalgia or arthritis. The issue here is often the aggravated pain of body pressure points with sitting or lying surfaces that makes undisturbed rest and sleep difficult. If you are dealing with such problems, easing yourself into the deep supple cushioning of a Cuddle Ewe™ Underquilt can be a real blessing. While our Underquilt is not a cure for any physical impairment, our customers report that it certainly alleviates their symptoms.

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