Competition is everywhere. Between siblings, on the job or athletic field, and especially in the retail market. When it comes to the retail world, in order to outperform your competitors, you must be able to set your product apart from the other options in the market. When it comes to wool mattress toppers, our design team at Cuddle Ewe™ has taken the necessary steps to offer not only a superior wool mattress topper, but an affordable one as well! By comparing our product against other underquilts on the market, you’ll be sure to see the ways we exceed our competition.

Wool Mattress Pad Superior Qualities

There is not just one feature that sets our wool mattress pad apart from the rest. Instead, we strive to offer a bedding product that is superior in all aspects of bedding. Some of our superior bedding qualities include:

  • Weight – When investing in a mattress pad, it needs to have enough weight built in to properly support the body. Our comfortable Cuddle Ewe™ underquilt weight 16 pounds, which far exceeds the weight of a quilted mattress pad (5.3 lbs) and a fleece mattress pad (5.6 lbs).
  • Wool Content – If you are looking to sleep on wool, going with our competitors will only give you a small taste of the pain relief management that true wool bedding can provide. On average a quilted mattress pad has 3.9 lbs of wool content, while a fleece mattress pad averages 4.3 lbs. Compare that to our Cuddle Ewe™ wool mattress pad that contains 13 lbs of wool content, and you’ll quickly see how we are far superior in this area.
  • Thickness – Yet another luxurious feature of our wool mattress topper is that it is 3 inches thick! This can provide you the extra comfort you need to sleep well at night. The standard quilted topper is only 0.75 inches thick and the fleece pad is 1.25 inches thick. Again, our wool mattress topper is superior.
  • Price – While our Cuddle Ewe™ wool mattress topper is not the cheapest option on the market, we can assure you that it will be well worth the price. We still find ourselves cheaper than competing quilted mattress pads and come very close to matching the price of a fleece pad. When you weigh the superior advantages of having a wool mattress pad from Cuddle Ewe™, you’ll be wishing you made the switch years ago.

So, if you are in the market for a new wool mattress topper that provides comfort, support and is affordable, make sure you do some research before opening up your wallet. Quickly you will find that the wool mattress topper from our team at Cuddle Ewe™ is the superior bedding topper. Give us a call today at (800) 290-9199 to learn more about our 100% pure, all natural wool toppers.

Wool Mattress Topper Comparison