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Cuddle Ewe™ Bedding Made With Wool

Arthritis ReliefAnytime that you invest in bedding products, it is important to understand what the products are made of. There are a lot of different bedding products available on the market, but at Cuddle Ewe™, we feel like there is none better than bedding made from 100% all natural wool. If you are ready to feel like you are sleeping on clouds, it is time to invest in wool bedding products from Cuddle Ewe™.

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Cuddle Ewe™ March Madness Sale

100% Wool Comforters and PillowsFor many people in America, March is the best time of year! Not only do you begin to see glimpses of spring weather, but the NCAA basketball March Madness tournament begins! In 2016, basketball is not the only March Madness event around. In fact, we at Cuddle Ewe™ have a March Madness sale that you do not want to miss!

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Cuddle Ewe™ — A Gift That Keeps Giving!

Wool BeddingWinter is on it’s way and what does that mean? The holidays are here! It’s a fun, festive time to spend enjoying extra time with family and friends. It is also a time to choose gifts for your loved ones that they can enjoy all year. This can be as much of a challenge as it is fun, as some people are harder to shop for than others.

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Wool Mattress Topper: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Holiday Sleep Sale on Wool BeddingSeasons greetings to you and yours! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and before you know it, Christmas will be here too. So have you completed all of your holiday shopping? If you are like most people in America, the shopping has just begun! As you are making your list, and checking it twice, consider giving a gift that will impact your loved one’s quality of life. If someone you love has trouble getting to sleep, or suffers from some sort of chronic pain, our Cuddle Ewe™ mattress topper is a great gift to give them!

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Why Wool is the Best for Rest

Quality Wool Mattress Pads Comforters PillowsIndividuals that struggle to sleep well on a daily basis commonly also struggle with other health issues. Poor rest at night has a direct correlation with one’s health. If you are struggling with consistent sleep at night, It is important to invest in the appropriate bedding materials that can help you in the sleep department…

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More Restful Sleep

Better SleepSomeone once said that the best way to see what tomorrow brings is to sleep through the night! If you are a new parent, this may ring true to you the most! The first few weeks of having a newborn at home can be tough! Waking up in the middle of the night to care for someone small is difficult, but extremely worth it!

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