Add to Mattress ComfortThere is nothing like a good night’s sleep. The feeling when you get out of bed in the morning after a solid night’s rest is so refreshing! Unfortunately, not all people get to experience quality sleep at night. Nearly 70 million Americans struggle with sleep issues. If you fall into this category, consider changing up the type of bedding that you sleep on. Get rid of the cotton materials and invest in wool bedding from Cuddle Ewe™. Our customers tell us time and time again about how comfortable and reliable our wool bedding products are.

Some Benefits of Wool Bedding

  • Pain Relief – If you suffer from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or issues causing chronic pain, the Cuddle Ewe™ all natural, wool bedding products mold to your body to help reduce the pain you experience during sleep. Sleep should be a pain free part of your day, so give Cuddle Ewe™ wool bedding a try!
  • Comfort – By using some of the softest wool in the world from the Cheviot Hills, our bedding products provide high quality temperature control to help you sleep cooler, as well as moisture wicking features that keep your body dry no matter what time of the year it is. The added comfort that our bedding provides helps our customers sleep more soundly at night.
  • Resistant – Wool is fire resistant, wrinkle resistant, mildew and mold resistant, which helps customers achieve a long life with their Cuddle Ewe™ products. All of our products are made from 100% wool.

Featured Wool Bedding Products

  • Mattress Topper – Invest in our wool based mattress topper to help you achieve better sleep. This product helps distribute your body weight so that your joints and pressure points can truly rest. The combination of support and weight distribution makes this product a must have for your bedroom.
  • Comforter – Cuddle Ewe™ offers a lightweight wool comforter that is very breathable and never gets too hot. For individuals that struggle with pain at night, our comforter was designed to help reduce the every night symptoms so that you can achieve more consistent sleep.
  • Pillows – Comfort at night starts with your pillow. If you have an uncomfortable pillow, you can forget about getting solid sleep. Invest in the Cuddle Ewe™ wool pillows that are available in various shapes and sizes.

Don’t spend another night without wool. To help achieve better sleep and less pain, team up with Cuddle Ewe™ today. To learn more about our wool bedding products, give us a call at 800-290-9199.