Cozy Wool Mattress ToppersThis is the time of year that people can really appreciate the many Benefits of Wool Bedding. Pure Wool does an amazing job of providing a cozy, comfy sleep experience making Wool Mattress Toppers a wonderful addition to any bed. It is like having sleep therapy to enhance the level of deep restful sleep you can have night after night. Sleeping on wool creates a Temperature Regulating, Supportive, Moisture Resistant, Breathable cushion that is resistant to dust mites. Cuddle Ewe™ all natural wool products are made of the finest wool used in wool bedding. It comes from Cheviot Sheep that are known for their resilience and adaptability in harsh climate.

Therapeutic Benefits of Wool Bedding

There have been studies conducted that look into the Therapeutic Benefits of Wool Bedding. Sleeping with wool can help to alleviate painful conditions as well as reduce allergens. Just look at some of the amazing benefits of adding High Quality Wool Mattress Pads, Wool Pillows or Wool Comforters to your bedroom.

  1. Alleviates Pain – Most mattresses allow painful pressure points to bottom out while you sleep. Wool Bedding is different. It provides soft, springy, resilient support that takes the pressure off of sore joints and other tender spots. Individuals who suffer from pain due to Arthritis or Fibromyalgia often find pain relief when sleeping with wool bedding from Cuddle Ewe™.
  2. Temperature Regulating – Wool provides some of the most efficient insulation from both heat and cold while you enjoy the optimal sleeping temperature for sleeping. Moisture is wicked away from your skin and released back into the atmosphere. An insulating air pocket is formed between you and the surrounding cold, heat or humidity in the room.
  3. Resistant to Mold, Mildew, Dust Mites and Bed Bugs – Perhaps it is wool’s moisture wicking ability that creates an environment where dust mites, bed bugs, mold and mildew cannot survive. It could be the way that wool bedding is very breathable and allows air to circulate between the crimped fibers.
  4. Lowers Heart Rate – Scientists in Wales were surprised to find that sleeping with a Wool Comforter actually lowered the heart rate of individuals in a sleep study. This would suggest that the subject was experiencing a deep, relaxing state while sleeping.
  5. Reduces Allergens – All Cuddle Ewe™ Wool Bedding is made without using harsh, toxic chemicals that other types of bedding materials may contain. Wool is naturally flame resistant, meaning that it can be used safely for sleeping without adding flame retardant chemicals.

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