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Wool vs. Other Bedding Products

How many times have you gone out to buy a new bed set? You’ve looked at the colors and patterns on sheets and comforters, found pillows to match, and even made sure that that “perfect” bedding has as much cotton in it as possible so that it breathes easier. But when you get it home, are you disappointed by how it feels? Do you find yourself kicking one leg out of your blankets, covering only half of your body, and waking up tossing and turning all night because you just can’t get comfortable? If you’re having trouble sleeping, no matter how great your bedding might look, it could be that it’s not the bedding that you need to actually help you sleep. Rather than shopping the department stores for cotton and polyester bedding this time around, why not try something different? Why not try Cuddle Ewe wool bedding for sound sleeping and better temperature control?

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More Restful Sleep

Better SleepSomeone once said that the best way to see what tomorrow brings is to sleep through the night! If you are a new parent, this may ring true to you the most! The first few weeks of having a newborn at home can be tough! Waking up in the middle of the night to care for someone small is difficult, but extremely worth it!

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Pain Free Sleep Solution

Natural Sleep ImprovementThe National Sleep Foundation recently conducted a study and found that roughly 57% of adult Americans experience pain during sleep. That statistic is mindboggling to many because sleep issues often times get brushed under the rug and blamed on other things like stress. What we need to realize is that the lack of sleep that these individuals experience can have negative effects on other parts of their life such as their mood, work habits, relationships and even long term health.

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Add To Your Beds Comfort

Quality Wool BeddingWe all require adequate sleep in order to function in our everyday lives. Having a comfortable bed is paramount to achieving deep, quality, restorative sleep. Natural Wool is the perfect companion for the most comfortable sleep experience. Cuddle Ewe™ Wool Bedding is extremely comfortable for sleeping all night long. It combines the unique properties of pure wool such as Support, Resiliency, Temperature Control and Moisture Wicking with high quality construction. Its no wonder that Wool Underquilts, Pillows and Comforters are recommended for adding to the comfort of your bed…

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Wool Mattress Pad

Cuddle Ewe Wool ProductsAre you continuously struggling to get a good night’s rest? Do you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night on a regular basis? Sleep should be the most relaxing part of your day. If it isn’t, well you may need to make some changes in your bedding. Don’t know where to begin when it comes to bedding? No worries, as Cuddle Ewe ™ has you covered. Sometimes you have to make a little investment in order to achieve peaceful sleep. Don’t spend another sleepless night without trying the Cuddle Ewe ™ wool mattress pad. Our organic mattress pad will help bring comfort that you have never felt as well as tremendous support to help your body recover at night.

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Better Rest with Wool Bedding

Quality Wool ProductAre you looking for some cozy comfort in the cooler months? Not only can our quality Cuddle Ewe™ products bring your bed that that extra comfort you desire but our 100% quality wool products can bring you added relief and protection in the coming winter and all that it brings.

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