Quality Wool ProductAre you looking for some cozy comfort in the cooler months? Not only can our quality Cuddle Ewe™ products bring your bed that that extra comfort you desire but our 100% quality wool products can bring you added relief and protection in the coming winter and all that it brings. Take a look at our Cheviot Wool products, we’ve got Mattress Toppers, Wool Comforters, Wool Pillows, Mattress Protectors and Packaged Sets. All of our products come with a 5 year material and workmanship guarantee!

Get Cozy For Fall

Temperatures steadily dropping means one thing for sure, fall is here and the weather conditions will be going down, down, down. For many that’s a sign of relief, no more bikinis, lathering on a thorough coating of sunscreen just to get the mail, leg shaving and more clothing layers; permitting you to eat extra at the holiday get-togethers than you should and no one but you and your waistline will notice… Alas, all of these benefits must come with a downside and that they do. When the cold brings everyone inside and school and the holidays bring everyone together it is a breeding fest for germs!

Typically the cold season is from the time children return to school until about April. That’s a long season for increased sickness. Unlike popular belief, cold weather can’t give you a cold but the cold virus travels and spreads much easier in colder, dryer weather so it’s easy to see why many may believe the common misconception. Not being prepared for the cold can have other serious side effects, so don’t forget your sweater, hat and gloves.

It’s bound to happen, your child comes home from school, your grandchildren come over to stay for the weekend or you finally make it to a party and there it is, people sneezing, noses running and tissues flying everywhere. The common cold is a fact of life…what you need now is time to recover.

Better, Deeper Sleep with Wool Bedding

Nothing fights the cold except for your body, cold medication may lessen the side effects, cough drops may sooth your throat but the human body is in a constant state of homeostasis. That is the direct reason your cold will eventually leave you. When suffering from a cold the number one requirement, suggestion and helpful thing to do is sleep.

Fight Off That Cold While Sleeping

If you’ve got a natural and supportive wool mattress topper sleep will likely never elude you. You can take that cold to your secret weapon and let your body fight it out while you’re in the comfort of your quality temperature regulating, moisture wicking, supportive yet comfortable wool bedding. Maybe, with our Cuddle Ewe™ products you may secretly not hate a cold as much as you once did.

Cuddle Ewe™’s natural wool bedding products can allow you to get a more restful and productive cold fighting sleep, which definitely couldn’t hurt anything but that pesky cold virus and it may help you see faster recovery. Order now and have it already on your bed by the time you feel that ache in your head.
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