How many times have you gone out to buy a new bed set? You’ve looked at the colors and patterns on sheets and comforters, found pillows to match, and even made sure that that “perfect” bedding has as much cotton in it as possible so that it breathes easier. But when you get it home, are you disappointed by how it feels? Do you find yourself kicking one leg out of your blankets, covering only half of your body, and waking up tossing and turning all night because you just can’t get comfortable? If you’re having trouble sleeping, no matter how great your bedding might look, it could be that it’s not the bedding that you need to actually help you sleep. Rather than shopping the department stores for cotton and polyester bedding this time around, why not try something different? Why not try Cuddle Ewe wool bedding for sound sleeping and better temperature control?

Warm and Cold Weather Bedding for Better Year-Round Sleeping

When many people think of wool, they think of that itchy sweater they never wear anymore because it’s just too irritating. You might also think of sheep, which is closer to the point, but what you probably don’t think of – ever – is wool bedding. For whatever reason, wool just isn’t on most people’s radar for comfortable bedding, but there’s no doubt in our minds that it should be and will be soon enough because of the many benefits to be gained from sleeping with wool bedding. One of the most significant benefits of wool bedding is its moisture wicking properties that keep you cool in the hotter months and help you stay warm in the winter. This is a significant improvement to cotton and polyester blankets, which never seem to keep you cool or warm enough no matter the season and usually end up being kicked to the end of the bed or piled on high to conserve heat.

Pain Relief with Wool Bedding

Wool bedding has also been recognized as a legitimate pain management solution for anyone suffering from joint, arthritis, and sleeping pains. When we sleep, we place pressure on our bodies’ joints and areas that press into our bedding, triggering pressure points that can leave us in pain while we sleep and when we wake up. If your bed is too tough, whether it’s a regular spring mattress or you have a memory foam topper, if you’re going to bed and waking up sore, you should know that there might not be a problem with how you’re sleeping; it could be what you’re sleeping on that’s the issue. With wool mattress toppers, you’ll be able to sleep on a mattress that feels like memory foam, shaping itself to your body’s contours to relieve pain caused by pressure point stresses, with the added bonus of the moisture wicking comfort that keeps you at the perfect temperature all night. To see the amazing moisture wicking effects and pain relief abilities of wool bedding, contact Cuddle Ewe today at 1-800-290-9199 or, and see how we can help you have a better night’s sleep every night.