Quality Wool BeddingWe all require adequate sleep in order to function in our everyday lives. Having a comfortable bed is paramount to achieving deep, quality, restorative sleep. Natural Wool is the perfect companion for the most comfortable sleep experience. Cuddle Ewe™ Wool Bedding is extremely comfortable for sleeping all night long. It combines the unique properties of pure wool such as Support, Resiliency, Temperature Control and Moisture Wicking with high quality construction. Its no wonder that Wool Underquilts, Pillows and Comforters are recommended for adding to the comfort of your bed.

Supportive Wool Provides Pain Relief

People who suffer from painful conditions like Arthritis, Joint Pain and Fibromyalgia may find significant Pain Relief with wool bedding. Wool fibers are naturally resilient and provide wonderful support night after night. The buoyancy of wool supports your body as if sleeping on a cloud. Tender points do not bottom out and cause pain while you toss and turn trying to find a more comfortable sleeping position.

Moisture Wicking Wool Fibers

Another important and unique aspect of woolen fibers is the ability to wick moisture away from your body. Wool Pillows and Mattress Toppers will not get wet or clammy even in hot or humid climates. Wool absorbs moisture and releases it back into the atmosphere while you sleep comfortably.

Temperature Control With Wool Bedding

Wool Comforters from Cuddle Ewe™ are perfect for all seasons and all climates. You may not think of wool for sleeping comfort during the hot summer months but when you consider how desert communities have relied on wool for hundreds of years it makes much more sense. Wool bedding and clothing are often utilized in extreme cold climates for added warmth and comfort.

Most Comfortable Sleep Imaginable

Wool fibers are coil-like creating tiny air pockets that trap air and keep you warmer when the temperature is cold. It also provides a barrier that keeps humidity from causing you to become too warm as the room temperature rises. Breathable wool bedding wicks moisture away while you sleep at just the right temperature for the Most Comfortable Sleep Imaginable.

Luxurious Wool Bedding

Try Cuddle Ewe™ Wool Bedding as a solution for Adding Comfort to Your Bed. Natural Wool has unique qualities that makes it the best choice for bedding. We use the most Supportive and Softest Wool that we could find for our Wool Underquilts, Wool Pillows and Wool Filled Comforters. You will be amazed at the level of comfort due to soft, resilient, luxurious, moisture wicking wool fibers.

Shop our online store or call 1-800-290-9199 to speak with one of our representatives. There is no risk with our 90-day money back guarantee. Enjoy the most rejuvenating sleep ever, with help from Cuddle Ewe™ wool bedding!