Quality Mattress Pads All across the country this week, states have been experiencing bad weather. From tornadoes to 2 feet of snow, this country has seen some extremes. While no one really enjoys this type of weather, there is always a sense of nostalgia during extreme weather. You know, lounging in bed all day under the covers…watching reruns of your favorite sitcom episodes. When winter weather approaches, you want to be comfy! Well folks, you haven’t truly experienced bedroom bliss until you’ve laid on top of the Cuddle Ewe™ wool mattress topper.

Wool Mattress Topper/Pad

Hello, Heaven..didn’t think we’d find you in the midst of a storm?!? Thankfully, we did. This all natural wool mattress pad is unlike any other product on the market. Wool has begun to dramatically change the way people receive quality sleep. If you are someone that tosses and turns and just can’t seem to get comfortable in bed, the wool mattress pad is right for you! Our wool mattress pad is made from 100% pure, all natural wool found only in the Cheviot Hills. The climate and vegetation there is much different to most wool products made primarily in New Zealand. We have found that our wool mattress topper seems to have more resilience and durability than other wool products on the market. Our wool is garneted into a batting and then encased into a heavy all natural cotton ticking material. So it is literally like sleeping on a pillow!

Using Your Wool Mattress Topper/Pad

The wool mattress topper is easy to apply to your bedding. Just center it on top of your mattress, place a breathable cotton protective covering on top and then your regular fitted sheet can go on top! We have all sizes from twin to california king, even a travel Ewe. While you cannot wash or dry clean the wool (it will ruin the fibers), a natural breathable cotton protective sheet should be just fine for the life of the wool mattress pad. Just be sure to turn or flip the ends from time to time.

There are so many benefits to the wool mattress topper. Most often, people rave about it alleviating pressure points and allowing for an even distribution of body weight. Wool has the natural ability to also pull moisture and contain heat, letting you maintain your core body temperature and keeping you dry all throughout the night. So whether you are taking a snow day and reading books all day in bed, or you’re settling down after a long day at work, there is no better feeling than laying in bed with the wool mattress pad cradling your body. To learn more about Cuddle Ewe™ products or to order your Cuddle Ewe™ wool mattress pad, call us today at 800-290-9199.