Arthritis ReliefAnytime that you invest in bedding products, it is important to understand what the products are made of. There are a lot of different bedding products available on the market, but at Cuddle Ewe™, we feel like there is none better than bedding made from 100% all natural wool. If you are ready to feel like you are sleeping on clouds, it is time to invest in wool bedding products from Cuddle Ewe™.

Not Your Average Wool

When determining what type of wool our design team wanted to invest in, we decided to head to the Cheviot Hills. These hills are found between Scotland and England and are home to some of the softest and strongest wool in the world. When going up against wool from other parts of the world, this type of wool lasts longer and provides more comfort than any other type of wool in the bedding industry.

Friendly Bedding Product Comparisons

We all need to sleep in order to survive. Some individuals do not think that the bedding they invest in has any impact on their sleep and relief from pain. This is far from the truth. By choosing bedding made with wool from Cuddle Ewe™, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Added Support – When comparing wool to other materials on the market like synthetic fiber, goose down or cotton fiber, our wool bedding products provide a natural resilience that other materials simply cannot match.
  • Even Weight Distribution – Chronic pain is a difficult issue to manage. Too many people rely on pain medication rather than the bedding that they choose to sleep on each night. Cuddle Ewe™ wool bedding products are structured to take added weight and pressure away from the tender points of your body. In turn, this helps alleviate chronic pain that you may be dealing with.
  • Premier Insulator – If you have slept on inexpensive bedding before, chances are that you wake up off and on because of your ever changing body temperature. Thanks to wool, our Cuddle Ewe™ bedding products help keep your body at a steady 98.6°F throughout the night.
  • Handles Moisture with Ease – Say goodbye to the mornings where you wake up sticky and stuck to your sheets. Our wool bedding materials can absorb nearly 30% of its weight in moisture, helping you wake up comfortable, even when wet.

So, if you are in search of bedding products that are comfortable, supportive and affordable, it is time to try Cuddle Ewe™ bedding made with wool. Give us a call today at 800-290-9199 or visit to learn more about our wool bedding options.