Wool Comforter You must have heard something good about wool or you wouldn’t be here reading this article right now. I’m glad you are because there is so much about wool that most consumers have no idea about. Wool comes from sheep, as everyone knows, but what people don’t realize is how many types of wool there are. There are the types of wool that insulate and keep you warm in the freezing temperatures of winter and there are the types of wool that keep you cool. The quality and difference of wool are far and wide. Some are soft and light, while others are thick and heavy. Each type of wool has a special purpose.

Quality Wool Products

Here at CuddleEwe™, we use Cheviot Wool, which is one of many different types of wool. The reason why we use Cheviot wool for our bedding and products is because of the quality and purpose of the wool. Nobody wants to sleep in a furnace and to be honest, that’s not good for you. We chose Cheviot wool because of its soft, light-weight fibers. While the wool is soft, it is also very strong and supportive.
The light-weight fibers help absolve your bodies moisture during the night, allowing for a cool night’s sleep. The benefit of sleeping cool is not the only thing our wool helps with.

Do you suffer from Chronic Pain? If so, you’re in luck.

Our Wool Bedding Comforts:

• Arthritis Pain
• Fibromyalgia Pain
• Joint Pain
• Chronic Back Pain
• Chronic Neck Pain

We talked about how soft our wool is but it’s also very supportive. Our wool bedding is designed to help those with chronic pains. I’m sure you’re familiar with all types of bedding that promise pain relief and the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have. But, after you purchase it, you’re soon regretting your purchase. At CuddleEwe™, we guarantee that you won’t regret your purchase.

CuddleEwe™ is dedicated to making comfort and pain relief products, unlike some manufacturers that claim they have the best in the market until you try to return it. Luckily for you, at CuddleEwe™ we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. We want you to be completely satisfied with your new bedding. It takes roughly 8-10 weeks until your body adjusts to its new surroundings. Just like a new bed, it’s not broken in yet. We also provide a 5-year guarantee, along with additional warranties. We don’t want you to get stuck with something that isn’t right for you.

Call us today with any questions you may have and be ready to embark on a new nightly adventure that’s going to leave you waking up with a smile on your face. 1.800.290.9199