Wool Mattress Toppers From Cuddle EweCuddle Ewe™ makes a line of quality natural wool bedding products. All are designed to give you deeper and more restful sleep. We have done the research and found the best wool for use in our Mattress Toppers, Comforters and Pillows. It comes from Cheviot wool found in the Cheviot Hills that separate England and Scotland. Our specialty wool is softer and more resilient than that which is used in other wool filled bedding. We offer our signature underquilts along with protective mattress covers, comforters, several pillows and packaged sets, each made from 100% quality wool.

Mattress Toppers

• Choose from several different sizes to fit your bed
• Easy to use – center mattress topper on your mattress and cover with a breathable, protective cotton covering – then your fitted sheet
• Filled with layers of pure wool batting sewn within a cotton cover that is soft and breathable
• Naturally moisture wicking
• Relieves pressure points by supporting and distributing body weight
• Provides comfort for anybody and is specially beneficial for those with physical ailments such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Back and Hip Pain, Chronic Fatigue, among others
• Travel Wool Mattress Toppers available with tote bag


• Lightweight
• Twin, Full or Queen bed sizes
• Personal zip up comforters surround you with comfort
• Great for those with poor circulation or ailments


• Variety of Sizes to choose from
• Covered in 100% natural cotton fabric
• Choose from Bolsters, Body Pillows, Soft Wool Pillow, Adjustable Pillow and Natural Sleep Pillows

Protective Mattress Toppers

• Varying Sizes
• Cotton Slip Covers for home and Travel
• Deep Pocket Sheets designed to fit over the added thickness from our mattress toppers and are made of cotton flannel
• Cotton Flannelettes add an extra layer of protection between your sheets and the wool mattress topper

Packaged Sets

• Essential Set includes our 100% wool mattress topper in choice of size, a cotton flannelette and a free gift
• Sleep Soundly Set includes a 100% wool mattress topper, cotton flannelette, deep pocket flannel sheets and a free gift
• Slice of Heaven Set includes a 100% wool mattress topper, cotton flannelette, deep pocket flannel sheets, a standard size plush wool pillow and a free gift

Quality Wool Products

The Cuddle Ewe™ brand of quality wool filled products provides many natural benefits. Each item contributes to you getting a more comfortable and sound sleep experience. Awaken feeling more energized and free from aches and pains. Our wool batting is naturally breathable, soft and supportive. You will feel cradled in comfort with our 100% quality wool filled Mattress Toppers. Pair it with our Comforters, Pillows, Protective Mattress Covers or Packaged Sets.

Shop now or call our professionals at 1-800-290-9199. Enjoy comfort and the best rest ever, with help from a Cuddle Ewe™ mattress topper!