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Natural & Organic Wool Bedding

At Cuddle Ewe, we know exactly how painful sleeping can be. Without the right mattress, the right sheets, comforters, pillows – everything – most people have a difficult time falling and staying sleep. Unfortunately, the average bed simply isn’t that comfortable, but that’s what we’re here to change. With Cuddle Ewe’s natural and organic wool mattress toppers, wool comforters, wool mattress pads, and wool pillows, we’ll help you sleep uninterrupted by providing natural pain relief with wool bedding that keeps your body at the optimum temperature for you to sleep peacefully. So stop tossing and turning, stop buying a new mattress pad every year, and stop searching for that perfect pillow that won’t break down over time. Look to Cuddle Ewe for this and more, and sleep easier from now on.

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Wool Comforters and Bedding

Wool Mattress Pads/ToppersWool is just the best. Honestly, once you finally try quality wool bedding products, you will never go back. There are plenty of false assumptions that people make about wool that are just plain incorrect. If you’ve ever encased yourself in a wool comforter, then you have gotten just a small glimpse of what heaven feels like all the time. Whether you are searching for a wool blanket, or any of our other quality wool bedding products, Cuddle Ewe™ has the all natural wool that you have been waiting for!

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Sleep Enhancing Bedding Products

100% Wool Mattress ToppersSleep is supposed to be a time for your body to recover, relax, and for your conscious mind to take a break. Unfortunately, for so many people, their experience with sleep is the exact opposite. Many individuals struggle to get consistent, restful sleep because they are experiencing pain, are not able to relax and cannot get their mind to stop racing!

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Cozy Wool Comforter

Wool ComforterGrowing up, most kids only care about what design on the outside of their comforter has. Whether it is their favorite sports team, or their favorite Disney character, children are willing to give up coziness in order to have a comforter, pillow and bedding with their favorite character or design.

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All Natural Wool Bedding

Wool Mattress Pad/TopperWhen you think of wool, what comes to mind? Sweaters? Winter hats? Gloves? Winter? You may be surprised to learn that some of the most comfortable bedding you will ever lay on in your life is also made of all natural wool! Cuddle Ewe™ has developed many soft and comfortable organic wool bedding products…

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Why Organic Wool is Better

Wool Mattress PadAchieving a healthier lifestyle can begin right in the confines of your bed. When people talk about ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle, your bedding products are generally never brought up. The truth is that the better you sleep, the healthier you become. Sure, there are plenty of bedding materials out on the market, but there is no…

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