100% Wool Mattress ToppersSleep is supposed to be a time for your body to recover, relax, and for your conscious mind to take a break. Unfortunately, for so many people, their experience with sleep is the exact opposite. Many individuals struggle to get consistent, restful sleep because they are experiencing pain, are not able to relax and cannot get their mind to stop racing! Instead of putting your faith in medicinal options that only provide a temporary solution, consider addressing the root of the problem, your bedding. Cuddle Ewe™ is committed to providing our customers with 100% all natural wool bedding products designed to help alleviate any pain you may be experiencing as well as improve your sleep. Offering a wide range of wool bedding products, we are sure to have something to help enhance your sleep at night.

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Wool Mattress Toppers

If you feel like your mattress just isn’t cutting it, but you can’t afford a brand new mattress, consider Cuddle Ewe™’s wool mattress topper as an alternative. By using Cheviot wool, this product helps provide added support for your body and evenly distributes weight better than any other bedding material on the market. Whether you need a mattress topper for everyday use or need one when traveling, our team has you covered!

Wool Comforters

Say goodbye to the comforter that is poorly insulated and makes you too hot during the summer, and too cold in the winter. One unique feature of our wool comforters is that they help keep your body temperature at a steady 98.6°F year around. Cuddle Ewe™ offers our wool comforter for the bed setting as well as a personal comforter that can be used almost like a sleeping bag.

Wool Pillows

Is neck pain the main reason that you struggle to sleep well at night? Try sleeping on clouds with Cuddle Ewe™! Depending on the type of pillow you are looking for, our pillows will provide the support and comfort that your neck needs. With 5 styles, we are sure to have a pillow that will help enhance your sleep at night.

Wool Mattress Covers

If you are looking for that extra bit of comfort at an extremely affordable price, our wool mattress covers can provide an extra layer between the underquilt and your sheets. These slip covers are available for your bed at home or can be easily transferred for travel.

Now is the time to invest in improving your sleep for years to come. The restless nights are in the past and it is time for a new beginning with Cuddle Ewe™. Give us a call today at (800) 290-9199 to pick out one of our sleep enhancing bedding products and learn more about the benefits of sleeping with wool.