Wool ComforterGrowing up, most kids only care about what design on the outside of their comforter has. Whether it is their favorite sports team, or their favorite Disney character, children are willing to give up coziness in order to have a comforter, pillow and bedding with their favorite character or design. With age, comfort becomes much more valuable than what design is on the outside of your comforter. Finding a comforter that feels good year around is easier said than done. Cuddle Ewe™ took notice of this and developed a wool comforter that not only feels amazing but also can help individuals suffering from pain at night.

Get to Know Our Wool Comforter

Our one of a kind wool comforter has three characteristics that can’t be matched in the industry. These include:

  • Elite Insulator – Using wool, this comforter is able to keep your body temperature at a steady 98.6°F throughout the night, regardless of the time of year. So say goodbye to waking up in the middle of the night overheated.
  • Help With Pain – Wool bedding material has its own natural resilience that cannot be found in other bedding products. Thanks to this feature, our wool comforter helps relieve pain in your pressure points and helps calm aching muscles.
  • Great Absorber – Our wool comforters can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, which helps get rid of that wet feeling you sometimes experience when you wake up in a hot environment. This feature helps users feel cooler and cozy at night in hot and humid areas.

Cozy for Your Mind and Body

Sleeping in a cozy wool comforter designed using Cheviot wool, which can only be found in the Cheviot Hills between Scotland and England, can help you get that deep, uninterrupted sleep that you have been dreaming of! By helping you get a good night’s sleep, this cozy comforter will also help provide benefits for your mind and body, including:

  • Regulating Weight
  • Strengthening your Heart
  • Enhancing Skin
  • Reduce Chance of Getting Sick
  • Lengthen Life
  • Enhance Mood
  • Improving Memory
  • Boosting Creativity
  • Increasing Attention Span
  • Lessening Stress

It is time to say goodbye to the poorly made comforters that do not provide you any benefits. Instead of continuously purchasing comforters that don’t last, take the initiative to buy a cozy wool comforter from Cuddle Ewe™ that is not only built to last, but it will also help you get better sleep as well as provide benefits for your body and mind. Give us a call today at (800) 290-9199 or visit www.cuddleewe.com to learn more about our one of a kind wool comforter.

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