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Wool Mattress Pad

Are you spending too many restless nights tossing and turning in bed to find just the right position or just the right spot on your mattress? Have you realized that you’re waking up from your night of “rest” only to be in more pain than you were before you went to bed? When you’ve had enough of waking up and being even more tired and achy than you were the night before, then it’s time to make a change. Organic wool mattress pads by Cuddle Ewe™ will transform your nights so that your sleep is peaceful and restorative, like it’s meant to be.

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Wool Mattress Topper

Are you tired of tossing and turning all night long? Are you ready to get comfortable and get a luxurious night’s sleep every single night? It was once said that sleep is only for the rich. This was meant to imply that people who could afford a luxurious eight hours of sleep obviously didn’t have much else to do. Well, that simply just isn’t true! If you are working hard all day long, you deserve a way to help your body heal and get the rest you need. Cuddle Ewe™’s wool mattress topper is affordable, comfortable, is downright luxurious, and can help with pain relief management. So no matter if you are rich or poor, our wool mattress pad is the perfect fit for you.

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Wool Mattress Topper/Pad

What exactly happens when you sleep? To avoid a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo, Cuddle Ewe™ will give you the shortened version. When you sleep, your brain recharges itself, your cells work hard to repair themselves, and your body releases important hormones that keep you alive and healthy during the day. The amount of your sleep can partly be determined due to your age. For example, babies need 16 hours of sleep a day on average. Adults aged 19-55 need at least 8 hours. Are you getting the correct amount of sleep required to sustain your body? If it’s just not working for you, it’s time to invest in quality wool bedding. Cuddle Ewe™ is now offering our wool mattress pad, or wool mattress topper, at 15% off the entire month of May.

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Cuddle Ewe™ Leap Year Sale

Wool Mattress PadLeap years do not come around very often, so why not celebrate! To show our appreciation for our customers, having a leap year is reason enough for our team at Cuddle Ewe™ to offer a leap year sale. That’s right, we are offering free standard ground shipping on all online orders through February 29th! Visit our website today and take advantage of this great deal!

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Wool Mattress Pad for Christmas

Wool Mattress PadBaaaaa humbug! That’s typically the reaction we get when we try to greet our arthritic Grandma Jo for Christmas. The poor thing has swollen joints, a bad back, and is no longer the sweet and loving grandma we once knew. The only time she says her pain eases up is when she hits the egg nog that Uncle Billy makes every year. Poor Grandma Jo. It’s time we do something to help her.

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