What exactly happens when you sleep? To avoid a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo, Cuddle Ewe™ will give you the shortened version. When you sleep, your brain recharges itself, your cells work hard to repair themselves, and your body releases important hormones that keep you alive and healthy during the day. The amount of your sleep can partly be determined due to your age. For example, babies need 16 hours of sleep a day on average. Adults aged 19-55 need at least 8 hours. Are you getting the correct amount of sleep required to sustain your body? If it’s just not working for you, it’s time to invest in quality wool bedding. Cuddle Ewe™ is now offering our wool mattress pad, or wool mattress topper, at 15% off the entire month of May.

Quality Wool Bedding

Recharge brain. Check. Repair damaged cells. Check. Release hormones crucial to survival. Check! Check! Check! We are hoping that as you snooze at night, your body is checking off its to-do list with plenty of time to spare. Our wool mattress topper can provide the comfort and relief that your body has desperately been needing. All you have to do is order online today! The largest benefit of our wool mattress pad would have to be the pain relief that sleepers will get with a wool mattress topper. Cuddle Ewe™ has quality wool bedding that is carefully batted into bedding for your comfort. It is the best way to naturally relieve pain at night. Cuddle Ewe™’s quality wool bedding evenly distributes your weight every time you lay down at night. This takes the pressure off of those aching points on your body, and offers relief to aching joints.

Wool Mattress Pad

There are so many benefits to our wool mattress pad, it’s hard to name them all. Our quality wool bedding products insulate better than other materials. Whether you are in the dead heat of summer or the freezing cold winter, Cuddle Ewe™’s quality wool bedding will regulate your body temperature to a perfect 98.6 degrees, all while offering breathability. Additionally, no one ever wakes up moist while sleeping on our wool mattress topper. Our wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture but never feel moist to the touch. All of the moisture it collects will be released into the air in the morning, leaving you dry and refreshed when you wake.

If you are ready to experience good, quality sleep, order online today and get your Cuddle Ewe™ wool mattress topper! Cuddle Ewe™ only offers quality wool bedding and wants to see you get a better night’s rest. To order online, visit our website or call today at 800-290-9199 and take advantage of our 15% off sale through May 31st.