Still searching for the perfect gift? It’s not too late to find it! Actually, right now the perfect time to purchase a quality wool mattress topper, pillows, bedding. The perfect gift just got a lot easier to obtain and chances are you’ll have some money left over for a gift for yourself. King, Queen, Twin, Full and even California King, we offer our toppers, deep-fitted sheets, comforters and other bedding products in all sizes possible.

When you Give the Gift of a Wool Mattress Topper

  • Better Sleep – Did you know that sleeping greatly improves your chances of living longer? Countless research has proven this true, so give the gift of a greater chance at a longer life when the present they unwrap helps them restore for the next day, each and every night. Perfect for the person suffering from any kind of insomnia!
  • Pain Relief – There are countless pains keeping many up at night, from arthritis and fibromyalgia to a stiff neck. Does a person you need to shop forever mention night-time aches and pains? The wool we use in our mattress toppers and other bedding products has been helping people ease night-time pain all over America.
  • More Night-Time Comfort – An uncomfortable mattress can do horrible things, adversely, sleeping perfectly comfortable can do amazing things! Our mattress toppers can rejuvenate a tired mattress by evening out pressure points and adding a thick layer of supportive wool.