Travel Wool Mattress Topper


Our Travel Ewe™ is a portable version of our regular wool mattress topper underquilt and comes with a free travel tote bag. Take this travel mattress topper with you whenever you sleep away from home.

This travel mattress topper measures 31″ x 73″ and weighs approximately 15 pounds in the tote bag.

Comes with a FREE TOTE BAG for traveling.

Made in the U.S.A.


Use this topper on hotel or motel beds, camping, or in any situation where you may benefit from the extra protection of your wool topper. This portable topper is also a great way to create a layer of all-natural wool between you and synthetic bedding.

Wool is Helpful with Fibromyalgia

Did you know that 8 out of 10 Cuddle Ewe Fibromyalgia patients get restful, restorative sleep on their Cuddle Ewe Underquilt? Whether you are a Fibromyalgia patient or someone needing a better night’s sleep, you will marvel at how wonderful your bed feels when you nestle into the gentle embrace of a Cuddle Ewe Underquilt filled with layer upon layer of thick, natural wool batting.

Simply place between a mattress and a bottom sheet and experience the support. This underquilt distributes your body weight and manages your temperature and moisture like no other natural or synthetic material.

The Cuddle Ewe Difference

A look at the way we make our underquilts shows how they differ from common wool mattress pads, and explains why they are so preferred and cherished by our customers.

Our Travel Ewe™ is a portable version of our regular wool mattress topper underquilt and comes with a free travel tote bag.

Layer upon layer of 100% Cheviot natural wool has been inspected and readied for insertion into its cotton ticking. There are no synthetics or other filler mixed in here- no artificial barriers to air movement or moisture diffusion.

We use 3.5 pounds of pure wool in every square yard of our underquilts, which is easily 40% more than that used in the heaviest “luxury” wool mattress pad you’ll find in stores or catalogs.

***Please note, we continue to use a high-quality cotton cover fabric on our Underquilts, but they no longer have the Cuddle Ewe logo embossed on the fabric as pictured.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 27 in

Customer Reviews

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Travel Wool Mattress Topper-Never leave home without it!

25+ years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The search began to find a way to get me comfortable. Granted this was not our first attempt at comfort! But after doing the research, our next purchase was The "Travel Wool Mattress Topper". Now we NEVER travel without it. No matter where we have to stay I can always count on a comfortable bed for the night. My seat in the car usually has a Travel Wool Mattress Topper rolled out on it. I have also found that the Travel Wool Mattress Topper works great as a pad in an airline seat, (however I do have to be sitting next to a family member to use it as it is too large for the airline seats today) with the help of the seatbelt, one's hips are wrapped in wool and comfort!. Using it this way you have comfort from your head to your calves. We have also given the Travel Wool Mattress Topper as gifts to our families and friends that suffer with pain.

These do have to be replaced every few years especially if you travel often. We repurpose the older ones: Double them up for floor travel beds for the kids. Simply make a large pillow case from sheets Or if you have giant dogs they make great dog beds for an aging extra large dog. If you are a talented with a needle and thread, you could maybe cut one down for smaller dogs or to fit as a seat & back pad for riding in the car or any other mode of travel. One bed can easily become 2 seat with backs!

Review of Travel Wool Mattress Topper

I was one of the original participants in the clinical trial that proved 8 out of 10 fibromyalgia patients experienced relief with the use of this product. We were given no compensation for our participation. I still get relief by sleeping on this great product!