Wool Comforter


Support your health with the temperature regulating properties of a wool comforter.

Made in the US.


Support your health with the Cuddle Ewe Wool Comforter.

This wool comforter is thermo-regulating, organically fire-resistant, and naturally antibacterial.

Wool’s ability to regulate body temperature means you won’t overheat or wake up from a chill. Sleep soundly knowing that wool is a safe, soothing, and satisfying addition to your bed.

Temperature Regulation

Unlike synthetics, wool actually wicks away moisture so you always stay dry and comfortable. When looked under a microscope, the wool fiber has scales resembling a pine cone. These scales allow it to absorb your perspiration while you sleep to later disperse that moisture by evaporation.

Never clammy, wool compliments your body temperature by regulating moisture and excess heat or cold.

Quality Materials & Workmanship

Each Cuddle Ewe Wool Comforter is crafted of quality materials so it will last for years. A soft, 100% pure wool batting is placed inside the all-cotton outer shell and liner.  It’s then stitched with an attractive shell pattern to keep the wool in place.

Enjoy your wool comforter with or without a duvet cover.

Caring for your Wool Bedding

Caring is easy. We recommend using a duvet cover to protect your comforter from minor accidents.

If it does get soiled, it can be sponge cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent and then allowed to air dry.

You may wish to occasionally hang your comforter outdoors to sun and air. This will significantly revitalize the wool and naturally bleach any discoloration on the encasement.

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Best Bed Purchase

I have had over 20 down comforters. Some high end from the 70's to more recent ones. The wool is a superior material. In the AM the bed is about 70% dryer, and the temperature is perfect. Never to warm nor cold. Also getting into the bed things are never damp. Also We have the topper.