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Surround yourself in warmth and comfort each night with our all wool mattress toppers and wake up rejuvenated each day. The Cuddle Ewe™ Underquilt transforms your bed into a private retreat where you can escape to a good night’s sleep.

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Our specially selected and processed wool has a unique, buoyant resiliency that gently yields to the contours of your entire body so that its weight is supported and diffused more evenly over your wool mattress topper.

Your weight is much less concentrated at hips, shoulders, and other contact points with your bed and you feel lighter — as if floating. This cradled comfort enables you to drift off to sleep sooner and also sleep longer in one position. As a result, you won’t toss and turn as much and you will experience a more restful sleep.

And when you awake, you feel physically regenerated — your body “feels happy” as one Underquilt owner expressed it.

Easy Use and Care

Using your wool mattress topper is simple. It is placed directly on your mattress, under your bottom sheet. It won’t move around or slide off- its own weight and your bottom sheet anchors it in place.

Caring for it is easy too. We recommend placing an all-wool or cotton flannelette between your bottom sheet and the wool mattress topper to help keep it clean. If it does get soiled, it can be sponge cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent and then allowed to air dry. You may wish to turn it on the mattress when you change sheets and occasionally hang it outdoors to air. Loops sewn into the ticking seams can be used for this purpose.

Sleep Sounder With Wool Bedding

Many of Cuddle Ewe™ Wool Topper owners tell us what they appreciate most about it is the stress and even pain-relieving effect it has on them- especially those with fibromyalgia and ailments like arthritis and rheumatism.

The deep wool cushioning of the wool mattress topper yields to the contours of your body and its pressure points. As a result, your body weight is now more evenly distributed over the bed and discomfort is significantly reduced.

While an underquilt is not a cure for any physical impairment, our customers report that it certainly alleviates their symptoms.

Sleep Warmer With Wool Bedding

When you sleep in a cool or chilly room on an ordinary bed, some of your body warmth is continually drawn off to heat the hollow inner core of the steel coil mattress you are in direct contact with. But with our underquilt between you and the mattress, you are suspended in insulating layers of air held next to you within its plush wool.

You’re now nestled in a bed that quickly matched your body temperature when you entered it, and it remains that way in constant, toasty warmth without overheating.

Sleep Cooler With Wool Bedding

When you’re in a bed, your body loses water vapor through the pores of your skin. This raises the humidity in your bed, and in hot weather, body moisture tends to condense in the form of perspiration at contact points with the mattress. Your sheets get damp, you feel wet and sticky, and sleeping in this condition is fitful at best.

With a Cuddle Ewe™ Wool Mattress Topper beneath you, the humidity in your bed is reduced. The wool in your underquilt is filled with countless air spaces. As that wool absorbs your water vapor, air circulating through it continually disperses the moisture by evaporation. So in hot weather, your skin and sheets remain dry, you stay cooler, and sleep much better.

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Provides beautiful RELIEF. Don't think it's like anything else you've tried. I use my old (8 yrs) in the car for long trips to cut down on the bumping on the roads (as passenger NOT driver) Sleep better & have better quality of life. I have several health issues & this is not a cure but makes my life much more comfortable! Expensive but worth every Cent! Highly recommended! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ TEN out of ten STARS!


I am truly amazed by this wool mattress topper. I've had mine for over a year and I'm back looking to get another. The level of comfort it brings, taking pressure of my knees, hips and ankles...well, before you replace your mattress, you might want to try this. I'm contemplating getting a second for my work location. That mattress has pressure points due to the coils. Essentially this is a much better investment than 3 inches of a talalay latex topper. Excellent quality. Fast shipping. Great job.


I bought this wool mattress topper a few years ago to help my painful back. I had tried a memory foam topper, but it didn't help, and I didn't like the chemical smell and that it got too hot. Got rid of that after a week. I found this wool mattress topper, and though it was pretty pricey, after sleeping on it, I was so glad I made the investment. Great cozy feeling, keeps me at the right temperature, and I now sleep like a baby. And best of all, no more backache in the morning! Highly recommended and worth every penny.


We got one of these back in 2003 because I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I had a terrible time sleeping. The Cuddle Ewe kept my muscles warm at night so they were less achey. Plus the softness kept my pressure points weren't screaming at me all night long interrupting my sleep. Unfortunately they don't last forever. The product is still showing it's quality with no rips or tears and no spots, but the wool inside topper has matted enough that it's not very soft anymore. I won't let hubby toss it tho. There's a repurpose in there somewhere.


This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have dealt with chronic pain for years and I also have severe chemical sensitivity. This wool mattress topper has greatly increased the amount and quality of sleep I get every night. In addition, right out of the box, I have had no problem with any "smell" or chemical issues. I highly recommend this product.