Wool Blanket


The Cuddle Ewe Wool Blanket is the ultimate healing companion. Take the curative properties of wool everywhere with you with this merino wool blanket.

Made in the U.S.A.


Easily take the curative properties of wool everywhere with the Cuddle Ewe Wool Blanket.

This active fiber is temperature regulating, odor suppressing, and easy to care for.

The Cuddle Ewe Wool Blanket is an ideal companion both at and away from home. Support your health with wool.

The Temperature Regulating Qualities of Wool

Unlike synthetics, wool actually wicks away moisture so you always stay dry and comfortable. When looked under a microscope, the wool fiber has scales resembling a pine cone. These scales allow it to absorb your perspiration while you sleep to later disperse that moisture by evaporation.

Never clammy, wool compliments your body temperature by regulating moisture and excess heat or cold.

Odor Suppression


Wool is able to resist the build up of unpleasant odors. Odor molecules absorb into the fiber, effectively becoming trapped and less readily detectable.

Odor molecules trapped within the fiber are then removed during laundering or airing.

Caring for your Wool Blanket

The Cuddle Ewe Wool Blanket is conveniently machine washable.

Machine wash on a gentle cycle using cold water and a delicate wash (a natural wool wash like Eucalan is ideal). It’s best to use a front loader if possible. Either air dry or machine dry on low.

You may wish to occasionally hang your blanket outdoors to sun and air. This will freshen up your blanket for easy maintenance without the need of a washing machine.

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