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Temperature Regulating Mattress Pads

Wool Topper for Better SleepDo you ever experience trouble sleeping due to being too hot or too cold on a regular basis? There is a mattress topper out there for you that can help you sleep deeper, and experience a more restful night. At Cuddle Ewe we have specially selected and processed the best wool that has a unique, buoyant resilience that adheres to the natural contours of your body. Our wool is called Cheviot Wool. This type of wool is soft and is only found in the Cheviot Hills between England and Scotland. We chose to use this wool because it stays softer longer and is a great product.

If you need a restful night of sleep, our products can help you. Our wool is absolutely outstanding and is great for pillows, comforters, mattress pads and mattress covers. With our mattress pads, your weight will evenly disperse and create a comfortable position for your body. These mattress pads can provide relief and keep you from feeling stiff the next day. Your weight can be less concentrated at your hips, and shoulders and therefore can help you sleep more sound. This comfort will overall bring you the rest that you need and create a healthy life. Your body can feel happy and you will overall feel better.

Organic Wool Mattress Toppers

Wool also has other benefits rather than just comfort. Cuddle Ewe offers temperate regulated mattress pads with our Cheviot Wool. Wool can be better than synthetic materials for many reasons including comfort and for wools wicking properties. Woll has the ability to stay warm in the winter and dry and cool in the summer. The reason wool has such great temperature regulating properties is because it wicks away sweat and other motion as you sleep which keeps it dry and therefore temperature neutral. If you are sick of tossing and turning and taking the covers off and then putting them back on, in attempt to regulate your temperature then a wool mattress is good for you.

A wool mattress topper from Cuddle Ewe will have you sleeping great which in return will make you feel good and rested the next day which can help you be more productive. Our organic wool mattress toppers disperse weight away from pressure points, and also regulate temperature to create the most comfortable night of sleep ever. If you want a completely relaxing night’s sleep, consider a wool mattress topper from Cuddle Ewe. After sleeping on it, you’ll never want to take a trip again as it’ll mean a night away from your bed.




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