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You Need How Many Hours of Sleep at Night?

Better SleepDid you know that by the end of our lifetime, each of us will have slept for approximately 24 years! That is a crazy concept to grasp, especially for those individuals that have trouble getting good sleep at night. In order to function productively when you are awake, getting enough sleep is very important.

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Sleep to Enhance Yourself

Quality Wool Mattress Pads Comforters PillowsHave you ever gone to sleep frustrated that you cannot seem to figure out an answer to a question? Maybe something at work has you puzzled and your mind is just fried after a long day on the job. After a good night’s sleep, that answer that you’ve been searching for just seems to pop up in your mind. Although most people think of sleep…

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How Sleep Deprivation Hurts Your Body

Why you need sleepWhen you lose sleep, it’s almost impossible to just “make up for it” later on. The term, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” can literally cause you to die earlier in life! Sleep deprivation obviously can cause damage to your body in the short term aspect, but if you begin to deal with chronic sleep deprivation, detrimental health problems can start to occur that will negatively impact the quality of your life. As we discuss how sleep deprivation can hurt your body, please keep in mind that there is hope.

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