Quality Wool Mattress Pads Comforters PillowsHave you ever gone to sleep frustrated that you cannot seem to figure out an answer to a question? Maybe something at work has you puzzled and your mind is just fried after a long day on the job. After a good night’s sleep, that answer that you’ve been searching for just seems to pop up in your mind. Although most people think of sleep as a time to rest and recover from the day, your mind actually uses this time to remain active. Research has shown that your brains memory and knowledge base often increases while you sleep. This proves that getting consistent, deep sleep on a regular basis is very important to your health and your mind. If you struggle to sleep well at night and are eager to add comfort to your bed, consider investing in sleep enhancing wool bedding from Cuddle Ewe™.

The Experiment

Recently, a study was conducted by Padraic Monaghan, a Professor of Cognition at Lancaster University, where some individuals answered a question after having time to sleep on it, while the other individuals answered the question that same evening. It was found that the individuals that answered the question after a good night’s sleep were more accurate with their answers than those that answered the question during the same day. Maybe that is why so many people feel like they are more productive during the morning hours on the job. What this illustrates is that if you are dealing with a problem that you can’t figure out, try sleeping on it. There is a good chance that after a good night’s rest, the light in your brain may suddenly turn on and the puzzling answer is determined!

How We Can Help

Unfortunately, a part of the American population consistently struggles with sleep. Rather than resting and letting your brain remain active during a good night’s sleep, these individuals stay up stressed as they toss and turn. Instead of relying on sleep medication, team up with Cuddle Ewe™ to help deepen your sleep. Our wool bedding products not only provide you comfort that is unmatched, but also support and proper insulation to keep your body temperature just at the right spot.

Sleep Enhancing Wool Bedding

So, just like you should do with a tough question that you can’t seem to solve, read this blog, sleep on it, and Cuddle Ewe™ will be here in the morning ready to assist you with ordering sleep enhancing wool bedding products. Give us a call today at (800) 290-9199 or visit www.cuddleewe.com to learn more about our organic wool bedding products.

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