Wool Mattress BeddingDo you toss and turn at night? Do you wake up feeling like you never slept at all? For those who struggle every night to fall asleep or get a good night’s rest, it’s time that you stop listening to gimmicks and start to experience real sleep improvement with wool bedding! Here, at Cuddle Ewe™, we offer wool mattress toppers, wool pillows and wool comforters. All of which, help you get a better night’s rest so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day!

Where do the Cuddle Ewe™’s products come from?

For our wood mattress toppers, wool pillows and our wool comforters, we only use the most resilient and softest type of wool — the Cheviot wool. Generally the wool is only found in one place in the entire world, the Cheviot Hills. This area separates Scotland from England and sheep raised in this region have a unique climate and vegetation. It is made to be thicker and show more resilience than other wool materials!

How long has Cheviot wool been around?

This type of wool has been in the industry for over 10 years. Cuddle Ewe™ has tested this wool for 10 years, assuring that it is the right choice for those needing a more restful, balanced and comfortable sleep.

Benefits of Sleeping on Wool:

  • Wool batting supports the body and can distribute weight much better than any other material on the market. People experience sleep improvement with wool because of its already natural attributes. It has the ability to support and distribute body weight away from pressure points and tender points which in turn, alleviates painful ailments of unrestful sleepers.
  • It insulates perfectly! People think of wool as being hot and itchy. Contrary to popular belief, it does not raise body temperature. Instead, its breathability keeps the sleepers body temperature regular and warm.
  • It absorbs moisture like no other! No matter if you are in a hot, humid climate, or cold and dry, the Cuddle Ewe’™s 100% pure and natural wool does not absorb moisture, leaving you feeling comfortable and dry.

So, if you are wanting better sleep improvement, it’s time that you try one of Cuddle Ewe™’s wool mattress toppers, wool pillows, or wool comforters! Your body will thank you! Call us today at 800-290-9199!