Natural-Sleep-Pillow-InsideSearching for the right pillow can become frustrating because there are so many pillows on the market that are not supportive or comfortable. Getting a good night’s rest often times starts with your pillow. You may have the nicest mattress on the market, but using a poorly made pillow can still make your night’s sleep miserable. If you are in the market for a reliable, affordable and supportive pillow, it is time to invest in an all-natural wool pillow from Cuddle Ewe™.

Benefits of Wool

  • Cheviot Wool – Long Lasting – Cuddle Ewe™ uses Cheviot wool in all of their products. This type of wool can only be found in the Cheviot Hills that separate Scotland and England. Thicker and softer than other types of wool, Cheviot wool allows for a much longer life of your pillow. Investing in a Cuddle Ewe™ pillow will save you plenty of money over the long run because you will not have to continuously replace it!
  • Support – The wool fibers found in our pillows provide a weight performing system that distributes the weight from your head on the pillow more evenly than other products like cotton, goose down or micro fiber.
  • Insulation – Some people mistakenly think that anything comprised of wool will be hot. Wool can breath, allowing for your pillow to insulate and maintain your exact body temperature throughout the night. No heat gets trapped with the use of wool.
  • Absorbs Moisture – On a hot summer night, a pillow can often times become wet from sweat. You do not need to worry about moisture when using a Cuddle Ewe™ wool pillow because it absorbs moisture so well that it will not feel wet to the touch.

Pillow Options

  • Natural Sleep Pillow – A great pillow for everyday use.
  • Soft Wool Pillow – For those that love their pillows to be super soft.
  • Wool Body Pillows – Great for women that are pregnant as it molds beautifully to your body.
  • Wool Bolster Pillows – Great for reading or watching television.
  • Wool Knop Adjustable Pillow – Adjustable pillow that lets you take control of how you would like to sleep.

Get rid of those poorly made pillows that keep giving you a crick in your neck. It is time to team up with Cuddle Ewe™ and invest in one of our all natural wool pillows today! Shop online or call us at 1-800-290-9199 or visit our site to learn more.