Comfortable Wool BeddingQuality wool products promote a healthy way of life. It is somewhat of a miracle fiber in the way that wool can benefit your health in so many ways. Comfortable wool products such as High Quality Wool Mattress Toppers provide a level of stress reducing relaxation. It is great for chronic pain relief and is utilized in several healing wool products used in hospitals and home care. Arthritis Pain Relief and Fibromyalgia Pain Relief are just two of the medical advantages to using natural wool products.

Chronic Pain Relief

To say that wool is warm is no surprise to most people. However, if you tell them that wool is also great for fibromyalgia pain relief and arthritis pain relief – they may be surprised. People who live with these painful conditions find sleep and relaxation to be difficult on an ordinary mattress. Cuddle Ewe™ designed comfortable wool products with health in mind. Sleeping with our high quality wool mattress topper is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

Surprising Healing Benefits Of Wool Products

Here are some other health benefits of wool:

  • Stress Reducing – wool is a natural material that is perfect for use in bedding products because it is so soft, supportive and comfortable that stress just melts away.
  • Sleep Inducing – your body can find complete relaxation while sleeping with a wool pillow, comforter or mattress topper. Before you know it you will be enjoying deep restorative sleep.
  • Pain Relief – wool fibers have a unique structure that makes it very soft and resilient. Wool mattress toppers and pillows support your body and prevent painful pressure points.
  • Moisture Wicking – no more waking up feeling damp or clammy. Wool naturally wicks moisture away from your skin and prevents wetness in the atmosphere from coming into contact with your skin.
  • Flame Resistant – no chemicals are required to meet safety standards with wool products. They are naturally resistant to fire unlike synthetic materials and down.
  • Reduces Pressure Points – people looking for relief from chronic pain will really appreciate that wool cradles and supports your body. You can enjoy sleeping for all night without tossing and turning while trying to find comfort.
  • Regulates Body Temperature – Wool keeps you warm and dry while sleeping in almost any climate. Body heat is trapped inside tiny air pockets between wool fibers. Excess heat dissipates into the atmosphere. Sheep wool has been used in the desert for centuries to stay cool and dry.
  • Resistant to Mold, Mildew, Bedbugs and Dust Mites – allergens are reduced with the elimination of these harmful intruders.

High Quality Wool Mattress Topper

CuddleEwe™ High Quality Wool Mattress Toppers provide a luxurious sleep experience. Comfortable wool products are beneficial for chronic pain relief and deep restorative sleep. Arthritis and Fibromyalgia pain is diminished with the support and comfort of wool. Your body can sleep comfortably with naturally healing wool products.

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