Wool Mattress TopperDreading heading to bed, STOP worrying about it! With the Cuddle Ewe mattress topper, the bed has never felt so good! Make every night a good night’s sleep with these wool mattress toppers! CuddleEwe specially selects every bundle of quality wool to ensure that it gives the perfect amount of buoyancy and resilience to help every consumer achieve optimal comfort.

Customers that have bought the Cuddle Ewe mattress topper have experienced better sleep at night, relief from morning stiffness, relief from soft tissue muscle pain, and reduced fatigue! This is unlike any other wool topper out on the market today!

Quality Wool Mattress Topper

CuddleEwe’s unique wool gently yields to the contours of any body type from the head down to the feet. By doing this, your weight is supported and diffused evenly over the entire mattress — enhancing everyone’s sleep!

Cuddle Ewe Wool Facts

● This natural and organic wool has been cleaned with mild soap and water and rinsed with hydrogen peroxide. There are no chemical additives to this product!
● Once the 100% pure and natural wool is picked. Cuddle Ewe garnets the wool into batting and encloses it in a heavy all natural cotton ticking material.
● The Cuddle Ewe mattress topper is very breathable! Contrary to popular belief, this all natural wool should not make you hot but rather regulate your body temperature, distributing evenly throughout the wool when temperatures rise. With that being said, this product is unlike any other wool product as it can be used all year long, in all climates and temperatures.
● Lifespan varies with the Cuddle Ewe. Most bedding products need to be replaced every 2 years but this all-wool mattress topper averages 5 good years of use! Some customers do not replace them for over 10 years!

Mattress sizes:

The dimensions of the Cuddle Ewe All Wool Mattress Toppers are:
● Twin = 39” x 75”
● Long Twin = 39” x 80”
● Full = 54” x 75”
● Queen = 60” x 80”
● King = 78” x 80”
● Cal King = 72” x 84”
● Travel Ewe = 31” x 73”

The Cuddle Ewe Underquilt is not supposed to completely cover the mattress. Cuddle Ewe leaves almost 2” of mattress showing all the way around the Cuddle Ewe. This allows for placing of the fitted sheet over the topper, creating a better fit and look for every bed.

To order your Cuddle Ewe All Wool Mattress Topper today click here or call 1-800-290-9199!