Cuddle Ewe Wool ProductsOver the years you’ve heard how much wool can keep a person warm during the winter. “It’s the best heater money can buy.” But, what you haven’t been told is how cool it can keep you, too. Believe it or not but wool is designed to keep the body cool. If this weren’t so, then sheep would be dropping dead all over the place from being over-heated.

The only difference between the wool you’ve heard about growing up versus the wool CuddleEwe has to offer, is our wool products are made with 100% Cheviot Wool. This type of wool is lighter in weight and the fibers are designed to pull sweat from the body and evaporate out the other side. Hence, how sheep don’t drop dead all over the world.

Wool Vs. Cotton

Some people may find some of this hard to believe but we guarantee the most quality wool the market has and we have studies and proof to show how our wool bedding works with the body. If you compare wool to cotton, you’ll notice a huge difference. Cotton becomes heavy and almost damp feeling after several nights of sleep while our wool bedding stays the same weight and feels completely dry. This comes from those fibers we discussed. They’re designed to pull the sweat from the body and evaporate out the other side while cotton holds the sweat in the material, causing moisture build up. Moisture is known to keep any place humid and sticky. That’s why the winter season is so cold, there’s no moisture and that’s when you get a dry nose and that wicked cold.

Risk-Free Wool

Cheviot wool is also hypoallergenic. For those who suffer from allergies like you’re body always has a cold, you’ll love our wool products. While the moisture can’t stay in our wool, neither can mold or mildew and forget about any dust mites, their gone too!

The second best thing about Cheviot wool is the wool is fire proof, yes, I said fire proof! The type of fibers that Cheviot wool has doesn’t allow for combustion. When fire touches it, it won’t ignite because it blocks out the oxygen. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

Rewards of Wool

  • Keeps you Cool in the Summer
  • Keeps you Warm in the Winter
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fire-proof
  • Extreme Comfort and Support
  • Natural Sleep Enhancement

Products CuddleEwe Has:

With what CuddleEwe has to offer, you can completely re-do your bedding and know that every night is going to be a great night’s sleep.

Shop online of call us today and sleep great from here on out because sleep is important – 800.290.9199!