Comfortable Wool BeddingPure wool has been heralded for many years for it’s natural warmth. Many people may be surprised at how effective wool is for keeping a person cool also. These are just two of the many natural benefits of pure wool. Therefore, it is no wonder that quality wool bedding can contribute to a better night sleep. Cuddle Ewe™ wool underquilts are made of ultra soft and thick Cheviot wool. This unique 100% wool mattress topper delivers unsurpassed sleeping comfort and long lasting quality. Lying on top of our wool bedding provides stress relief by soothing painful pressure points and cradling you in supportive softness.

Wool Bedding Versus Other Materials

Cuddle Ewe™ 100% wool mattress covers provide the ultimate sleeping experience. Other materials, such as down feathers, synthetic fiber and cotton just cannot compare to the many natural benefits that come from sleeping on quality wool bedding.

1. Great Support – Wool fibers are not smooth. They have hair-like scales that function as resistance that provides resilient softness and support. Body weight is evenly distributed, enabling stress relief. No more tossing and turning throughout the night.

  • Other materials such as Synthetic Fibers, Down Feathers and Cotton cannot distribute your body weight evenly. These materials will allow you to bottom out and aggravate painful pressure points.

2. Temperature Control – Wool insulates extremely well while being breathable. This helps to maintain your exact body temperature without letting you overheat.

  • Down, Synthetics and Cotton all trap air and act as an insulator. They however, do not provide breathability, therefore allowing your body to become quite hot during the night.

3. Moisture Wicking – Wool can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture while remaining dry to the touch. Moisture from your body is wicked away from you and released back into the air. This unique quality is what makes sleeping on wool a smart and comfortable choice – even in warm climates.

  • Synthetic Fibers only absorb 1% of moisture given off from your body. This moisture becomes trapped and stays on your skin as perspiration.
  • Cotton Fibers and Goose Down will absorb moisture but without the breathability factor, they will become wet and uncomfortable to the touch.

4. Natural Resistance To Fire – Wool is virtually flame resistant due to its ability to absorb moisture. The wool batting will smolder and not burn. This will keep you safer in the case of a fire.

Just about all Synthetic Fibers are flammable. Even when coated with nonflammable materials, there remains a significant risk.

  • Cotton Fibers are somewhat flame resistant but can kindle if exposed to flame for an extended period.
  • Down Bedding is partially fire resistant because it can absorb water.

Long Lasting Quality Sleep With Cuddle Ewe™

What have you got to lose except for sleepless, achy nights? Cuddle Ewe™ makes the highest quality wool bedding and offers it with a No Risk –90-Day money back guarantee. We are this sure that you will love to discover the many natural benefits of sleeping on the long lasting quality of 100% Cheviot wool bedding. Our mattress toppers provide all night comfort for the best sleep imaginable. They are guaranteed for 5 years against defects in materials or workmanship.

Shop now or call our professionals at 1-800-290-9199. Enjoy comfort and the best rest ever, with help from a Cuddle Ewe™ mattress topper!