Luxury Wool ProductsReplacing your entire bed to try and find comfort can be a very expensive trip to the store. Adding extra luxuries to your mattress now will save you a lot of money in the long run and you’ll get comfort like you’ve never felt before.
Most people think hot and uncomfortable when they hear the word wool but we want you to know that after you use our wool products, you’ll think cool and comfort and won’t go back to traditional “added luxury.”

Our Cheviot Wool Products:

Mattress Toppers

Our toppers are made from the best wool around, Cheviot wool. This type of wool makes your warm sleeping nights turn into cool sleeping nights and its proven to keep you cool and wake up without stiffness or soreness.

Travel Toppers

The next best thing about the wool mattress toppers is we have a traveling topper that you can take with you anywhere that has a carrying case. If you travel a lot and find yourself sleeping in hotel rooms and hate their beds, you won’t anymore with our travel topper.

Wool Bed Comforters

Our comforters top off the comfortable sleep when you sleep on top of our mattress topper and cover with our wool comforters. It will seem like you’re sleeping in your own personal air conditioned bubble. Scientists say that people get the best sleep when their body temperature is lower. But, we don’t need a scientist to tell us that because we already know this from personal experience.

Personal Wool Comforters

During the winter months, we find ourselves cuddling on the couch to a movie or even reading a great book you picked up the other day. You’ll find yourself wrapped in a blanket trying to stay warm but sometimes it’s not enough. With our personal comforters you can wrap yourself up in it while reading your book and zip it up to your lap while your back side and neck stays warm too. Forget the snuggie, grab a personal comforter and enjoy the warmth.

Wool Pillows:

Again, you may be thinking about the words hot and uncomfortable but our pillows are made with the same wool as all of our other products are, Cheviot wool. To top it all off, we offer several different types of pillows to make sure you have the best sleep possible.

1. Natural Sleep Pillow– Are you a side sleeper and can never find the perfect pillow where you don’t wake up with a neck ache? Our natural sleep pillows are designed for the side-sleeper to help support your neck and head during sleep

2. Soft Wool Pillow– For those sleepers who love to feel like their head is being cradled by a pillow, giving you that extra tucked in feeling. This pillow is ideal for people who love the softness a pillow can have while having the support you need. By support I mean that the wool isn’t going to go flat like traditional pillows do. Traditional pillows become flat when your body’s sweat traps into the cotton or other materials and collects there, unable to breathe. Over time you can imagine how much sweat collects into your pillow, hence why it becomes heavier than normal and is nearly impossible to make you feel comfortable.

3. Wool Body Pillows– Are you the type of sleeper that enjoys snuggling with a body pillow that runs along your body and between your knees? This is great for pregnant woman looking for that extra comfort and it’s also great for sleepers who need to stay aligned in their sleep. Separating your knees helps keep your spine aligned. Our wool body pillows are ideal for this and not to mention, you won’t get that hot sticky feeling like you do traditional body pillows. Our wool is designed to pull the body’s sweat from you and escape out, leaving you refreshed feeling and sleeping like a baby.

4. Wool Bolster Pillows– These pillows are shaped like a short tube. This is another pillow ideal for side sleepers and also back sleepers. The shape of the pillow is designed to help give your neck extra support if you don’t like the bulkiness of a traditional sized pillow.

5. Wool Knop Adjustable Pillow– This all wool filled pillow is designed to be adjustable. Yes, I said adjustable. Whatever your needs are to give you that comfortable night’s sleep, you can find it with our adjustable pillow.

Packaged Wool Bedding Sets

We offer bedding sets for those who want the all-around comfort our wool products provide. You can choose between 3 sets that include our best products. The Essential Set, The Sleep Soundly Set, and The slice of Heaven Set. The sky is the limit at CuddleEwe.
If you’re interested in the most comfortable night sleep you’ve ever had, give us a call at CuddleEwe and let us help you count that sheep while sleeping on their lovely wool. 800.290.9199