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Sleep Cooler Bedding

Wool Mattress PadsWhen you’re searching for bedding, you have to think about whether the material is comfortable, whether it breathes, how your body will react to it, and whether it will help you sleep better than the bedding that’s been keeping you up at night. At Cuddle Ewe, we know that it’s difficult to find bedding that is comfortable in all types of weather, especially in Litchfield, Minnesota, where the cold threatens to keep us up at night for most of the year. But with our wool bedding, getting a good night’s sleep is simple, and we don’t have a problem staying warm.

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Effects of Sleep on Cognitive Performance

Quantity of Sleep The Quality of Sleep is just as important as the Quantity of Sleep that one gets. Many individuals can sleep eight or nine hours per night and still wake up feeling tired and foggy brained. Getting Quality Restorative Sleep can have an enormous affect on an individual’s Cognitive Performance throughout the day.

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