Wool Mattress PadsWhen you’re searching for bedding, you have to think about whether the material is comfortable, whether it breathes, how your body will react to it, and whether it will help you sleep better than the bedding that’s been keeping you up at night. At Cuddle Ewe, we know that it’s difficult to find bedding that is comfortable in all types of weather, especially in Litchfield, Minnesota, where the cold threatens to keep us up at night for most of the year. But with our wool bedding, getting a good night’s sleep is simple, and we don’t have a problem staying warm.

Sleep Dry With Wool

With wool bedding, everything you know about sleeping changes, and everything that keeps you up at night seems to disappear. Whether you’re looking for a mattress topper, comforter, sheets, or pillows, consider wool bedding as an alternative to cotton or memory foam to increase your comfort and your rest time. With wool bedding, you’ll find that the moisture wicking material makes it ideal for any time of year, keeping you from throwing one leg off the bed to catch the cool air or grabbing an extra blanket to keep you warm after waking up sweating.

Our wool mattress toppers add an extra level of comfort to our other wool bedding, providing a cloud-like layer to your otherwise tough bed. Whether your bed is too hard or too cold or maybe just too old to be comfortable, adding a wool topper can’t be a mistake. Cuddle Ewe’s toppers are made to increase comfort and reduce any pain you might feel while you sleep, so if you ever find yourself waking up sore or shifting positions constantly in your sleep, you should consider a switch to a wool mattress topper. With our wool toppers, you can be sure that you’ll be more relaxed and better rested every morning without taking a sleeping aid before bed.

With supportive contouring technology, our wool mattress toppers help your body relax into sleep, keeping you in one position for most of the night. Unlike a memory foam topper, our wool bedding won’t leave you sweating, and better than a cotton topper, you won’t be feeling your rigid mattress underneath. Instead, you’ll be able to feel our wool toppers adjust to the shape of your body, taking pressure off of contact points that might otherwise dig uncomfortably into your mattress. By defusing these pressure points, our wool toppers help reduce tension and stress, letting you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer without waking up with stiff limbs and joints.

If you’re looking to sleep more soundly and wake up less frequently, try out Cuddle Ewe’s wool bedding. A great way to stay warm and naturally manage any pain associated with stiffness or sore joints, wool bedding can help anyone rest better every night, especially if you’re living in an area like Litchfield, Minnesota, where wool bedding helps us fight the cold winter drafts. Call us toll free at 1-800-290-9199, or email us at info@cuddleewe.com to learn more about how our wool bedding can help you sleep peacefully.