Pain: Physical suffering or discomfort caused by an illness or injury.

The word pain is used so often in our day-to-day conversations. For someone who is looking for chronic pain relief, this word could be used every hour of everyday. In the unfortunate event that this is you, constant pain can become an unbearable problem. If this is you, it’s likely that you are searching for ANYTHING or EVERYTHING that can provide you with pain relief. Fortunately for you, Cuddle Ewe has the perfect solution.

Experiencing Chronic Pain Relief

Cuddle Ewe™understands that those suffering from constant pain are likely not receiving restorative sleep. Investing in our wool mattress pad and natural mattress topper is a great way to help with all of that! Those that have tried it have received chronic pain relief by using natural pain management with wool. If you are sick of medicating yourself, our natural wool products can provide effective pain management and restorative sleep!

Improving Pain Relief by:

  • Increasing your comfort.
  • Defusing pressure points.
  • Wicking moisture away from the body.
  • Providing supportive contouring.
  • Reducing stress to tender points of the body.
  • Providing a deeper, restorative sleep.

Wool Mattress Pad and Natural Mattress Topper

These two products are perfect for transforming your bed into your restful oasis! These products are made from 100% all natural wool only found in the Cheviot Hills that separate Scotland and England. Wool has the ability to support and distribute body weight away from pressure points, which relieves pain in joints and soothes aching muscles. Cuddle Ewe™’s wool mattress pad and natural mattress topper are comfortable, luxurious, and affordable! Once you begin receiving the right amount of quality sleep that your body needs, your mood will then improve, along with your energy! Our wool mattress pad and natural mattress topper is never scratchy, lumpy, or overly warm! Because we use the best quality wool around, our products offer the best support, comfort, and regulation of body temperature and moisture around!

So if you have constant pain, stop searching for temporary solutions. Try the easiest solution there is — Cuddle Ewe™’s wool mattress pad and natural mattress topper! We are so confident that you will love it, we offer a 90-day guarantee. It’s time to get some chronic pain relief and more restorative sleep! For more information or to order your wool products, call us today at 1-800-290-9199 or visit us online at