Wool Mattress TopperThere are many reasons people all over the world are benefiting from the comfort of natural wool. From Jackets to Boots, Scarves to Mattress Toppers and Pillows – Wool is literally everywhere you go. But not all wool is manufactured the same and our Cheviot Wool utilized isn’t even the same type of quality of wool you see in the stores today. About a quarter of today’s wool comes from Australia, other country’s include China and New Zealand. It is safe to assume that in some point of your life you have likely felt Wool from one of these Countries. The type of wool found in our Quality Mattress Toppers is only located in one place — the beautiful Cheviot Hills that separate Scotland and England. Who wouldn’t want to curl up with arguably the softest wool around the world?!

Why Add Wool to Your Current Mattress?

  • Uncomfortable Bed – Tossing and turning never leads to a good night sleep. Adding our quality wool mattress topper to your mattress will give you the support and resilience to stay put with your eyes shut for the entire night. Even out all the lumps and enjoy a fresh new spin on your bed.
  • Trouble Sleeping Do you stay awake thinking and thinking, counting sheep as the clocks tick and tock… One way to calm a restless mind is with comfort and support. Our mattress toppers can add both aspects and allow for a quicker drift off to total body restoration.
  • Night-Time Aches & Pains – Did you know wool soothes aches and pains? It has been used to relieve both daytime and nighttime aches. There is no cure for Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and other chronic and painful conditions but with our wool products there is a way to keep those pains at bay.

Twin, Full, Queen & King Sized Wool Mattress Toppers

Our wool toppers are made to fit almost any size of mattress, from the guest room to the kid’s bed, master suite, to under the tree our quality wool topper will fit your needs every time! We have personal wool comforters perfect for caring around the house with you, a travel mattress topper option for while you travel and our durable and comfortable Wool Mattress Pad/Topper designed to pack loads of comfort onto every square foot of your bed.






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