Wool Mattress TopperWool is known for having so many desirable properties that make it a wonderful choice for bedding. The interior structure and exterior structure of each wool fiber works together to form pockets of insulating air. This feature enables the CuddleEwe™ wool bedding to regulate body temperature thus keeping you warm and cozy in the winter and cool and dry in the summer. Our pure wool mattress toppers, comforters and pillows each work as insulation to keep your body comfortable in all climates. As an added bonus natural wool bedding is also flame resistant, moisture wicking and supportive.

Exterior Structure Of Wool Fibers

The surface structure of a single wool fiber has tiny overlapping scales. This causes the surface to have a texture that goes one way. It is somewhat similar to human hair. Have you ever run your fingers over the surface of a single strand of hair? When you go one direction the hair feels smooth. Running your fingers in the opposite direction causes resistance and friction.

The all-natural wool fibers are made up of two different types of cells that create a crimp. These different cell types expand differently thereby causing a bend. Now, combine the one-way texture with the natural crimp and you have the kind of resistance that creates millions of little insulating air pockets. This also contributes to the kind of fluffy resilience that makes wool pillows and mattress toppers very supportive while you sleep.

Interior Structure Of Wool Fibers

The interior structure of a pure wool fiber is also complex. It has a component that makes wool springy. This keeps our wool bedding more flexible and resilient making it very supportive and comfortable. A CuddleEwe™ mattress topper will conform to your body without putting pressure on tender points such as hips and shoulders.

Interior molecules inside of the wool fibers attract and absorb moisture. Wool can actually absorb 30% of its weight in liquid. This moisture wicking ability keeps perspiration and dampness away from your skin. The absorbed moisture is released back into the atmosphere.

Woolen fibers have a waxy coating that repels water. This helps to keep them dry to the touch while the interior is attracting and wicking away moisture from your body and the air around you. The moisture content within the wool creates natural flame resistance.

Natural Insulation From The Cold Of Winter

CuddleEwe™ bedding products are filled with 100% pure wool and have a soft cotton covering. Sleeping on one of our wool mattress toppers or wool pillows will provide all-night comfort. Cuddle up under one of our wool comforters for an even greater sleep experience. Each of our wool bedding products has natural insulating properties that insulate your body from the cold of winter and heat of summer. The natural resiliency provides great support and comfort.

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