Comfortable Wool BeddingYou will never find a better night’s sleep than when you sleep on the quality wool bedding products made by CuddleEwe™. We have done all the research for you and found the best type of wool to use in our all-natural Wool Mattress Toppers, Wool Pillows and Wool Comforters. Pure wool has numerous benefits that make it the most desired choice for comfortable bedding. It has the natural ability to keep you warm or cool, provide support, wick away moisture, resist fire and help you to sleep better and deeper.

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Benefits Of Wool Bedding

There are so many virtues of wool that it is difficult to sum up in a few short paragraphs. This is partly why CuddleEwe™ wool bedding is so special.

  • Naturally Sustainable and Renewable – sheep produce a new coat of wool every time they are sheared
  • Chemical Free – we add no harmful chemicals when manufacturing our wool bedding. It does not require chemical flame retardant like other bedding materials such as synthetic fiber fill
  • Flame Resistant – wool is naturally resistant to flame and is used in some fire fighter uniforms
  • Temperature Regulating – wool provides warmth when you are cold and helps to keep you cool when you are hot. Wool garments are worn in some of the coldest of climates and hottest deserts
  • Comfortable – wool makes a very comfortable bedding material due to the springy softness, resilient support and natural insulation
  • Supportive – wool fibers have a springiness and resilience that conforms to your body and cradles you without allowing you to bottom-out
  • Insulating – the natural crimp in wool fibers resist each other and form millions of tiny air pockets that insulate you from heat and cold
  • Softness – CuddleEwe™ bedding uses only the Softest Cheviot Wool
  • Moisture Wicking – the interior structure of wool fibers absorbs moisture away from you and releases it back into the atmosphere
  • Long Lasting – wool can be bent tens of thousands of times before it breaks and it just keeps springing back into shape
  • Affordable – our Holiday Sleep Sale is in progress making CuddleEwe™ comfortable bedding more affordable than ever
  • Resists Mildew, Odors, and Bed Bugs

Holiday Sale On The Most Comfortable Bedding

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