Arthritis Relief at NightSometimes cutting off the lights and heading to bed at night can seem miserable. Pulling down your sheets and lying down can be a painful and almost unbearable thing to do every single night. For those suffering with arthritis, you may be familiar with these thoughts. As you lay yourself down to sleep, your body relaxes and catches up with your mind. The pain receptors that have been hidden from the day’s tasks are finally reaching your brain and the aches and suffering really begins. As a bedding company that has a special place for those suffering from Arthritis, Cuddle Ewe™ understands that arthritis is no laughing matter. It is the nation’s most common cause of disability and too many people are losing sleep over it.

Arthritis Affects on Sleep

One study has shown that over 30% of those diagnosed with arthritis have had difficulty sleeping. Why do we think that is, and why is there no support? Take heart, my friend, Cuddle Ewe™ can help. Unfortunately, those having common sleep disturbances due to their arthritis have been unable to find an all natural remedy. All too often, arthritis sufferers have opted for drug therapy to mask the pain of arthritis. Unfortunately, when they wake up from their zombie-like state, they are often drowsy and still don’t feel well rested. So here is the good news. Research has now shown that if we can reduce sleep disruption, we can jointly improve and treat arthritis. Sleep problems and arthritis problems seem to correlate so where do we go from here? Cuddle Ewe™ has the solution!

Cuddle Ewe™ Offers Arthritis Relief

Cuddle Ewe™ is a line of all natural, organic wool bedding products that can help arthritis sufferers find an all natural way to achieve quality sleep and improve their arthritis symptoms. We offer all-wool mattress toppers, personal wool comforters, and natural wool pillows. So why wool, you ask? Wool is a natural and resilient product that can provide your body with comfort and support that synthetic, cotton, and down products just can’t do. For the arthritic body, it provides that support and helps distribute weight away from pressure points, allowing your body to rest and heal while you sleep. Since arthritis pain and sleep deprivation correlates, many people have found arthritis relief by using Cuddle Ewe™ bedding products.

Additionally, Cuddle Ewe™’s all natural bedding products regulate your temperature so you aren’t constantly waking up hot or cold and they provide moisture wicking, keeping you dry all through the night. If you are suffering from arthritis, it’s time to get some natural relief. To learn more about Cuddle Ewe™’s wool bedding products or to order yours today, call us toll-free at 800-290-9199. Your body will thank you.

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