Travel Mattress TopperPeople who have tried the all-natural Cuddle Ewe™ mattress topper find that they really miss the comfort while traveling. Our solution is a Travel Size pure Travel Ewe™ wool mattress pad. It has all of the benefits of our traditional quality wool products in a convenient tote bag. You can now bring along your own little piece of paradise while away from home. This makes traveling easier and less stressful when you know you can count on restful sleep wherever you go.

Travel Ewe™ Wool Mattress Topper

The Cuddle Ewe™ pure Cheviot wool mattress topper is now available in a portable version. We have designed the Travel Ewe™ wool mattress topper to be a smaller size for ease of travel. It comes with a Free Tote Bag to conveniently carry and protect the pad. Each Travel Ewe™ measures 31” x 73” and weighs just around 15 pounds, including the tote bag.

Rest Assured Of Great Sleep When Traveling

No more sleepless nights in a hotel or while staying with family. The Travel Ewe™ mattress topper supports your body for a deep, relaxing sleep. Unique properties of pure Cheviot wool make this mattress pad extremely soft and resilient. Wool naturally regulates body temperature to keep you comfortable wherever you may travel in hot or cold climates.

The springiness and buoyancy that is inherent in pure wool bedding supports your body weight and eliminates pressure points. This is especially beneficial for those suffering from chronic or acute painful conditions including back pain, hip pain, muscle soreness, arthritis pain and nerve pain. You will notice the difference the first night and will never want to be without your quality wool mattress topper again.

Experience More Restful Sleep

Cuddle Ewe™ cradles your body in comfort at home or while away. You can experience more restful and restorative sleep anywhere you travel with your Travel Ewe™ pure wool mattress topper. It comes with a convenient travel tote that is our gift to you when you order our natural Cheviot wool mattress pad.

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