Wool Mattress TopperIs there anyone on your holiday shopping list who you feel deserves a more restful night of sleep? Now is the perfect time to shop for an amazing deal on Quality Wool Products that are sure to be the favorite gift. Wool bedding has been around for many years but not like this. Cuddle Ewe™ mattress toppers give you the benefit of extensive research into finding just the right all-natural wool to fill our luxurious underquilts.

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100% Pure Wool Bedding

Our line of pure wool bedding allows you to sleep as though floating on a cloud. The specially selected Cheviot Wool is more resilient and softer than anything else on the market. This is an important factor for those suffering from painful conditions that make deep, restorative sleep very difficult.

Sleep All Through The Night In Luxury

Sleeping on pure wool bedding has numerous benefits that contribute to falling asleep and resting comfortably all through the night. The plush wool batting conforms to your body and does not allow you to bottom out. This relieves pain in tender areas such as hips and shoulders. Wool is naturally breathable and can absorb moisture, then release it back into the air. This quality keeps you warm and toasty without overheating.

Quality Wool Products 20% Off

Wool Mattress Toppers in all sizes – choose from various sizes from Twin to California King

Travel Ewe™ Mattress Topper – available in travel size with a free tote bag for convenient portability

Essential Set – includes a wool mattress topper and a cotton flannelette covering

Sleep Soundly Set – includes a wool mattress topper, cotton flannelette and deep pocketed, tailored, flannel sheets

Slice of Heaven Set – this set includes our wool mattress topper, a flannelette, deep pocket sheets and a plush wool pillow

Great Holiday Present

CuddleEwe™ quality wool products are filled with 100% pure wool and covered in soft cotton ticking. Many people have discovered the incredible comfort that comes with sleeping on all-natural wool bedding. This luxurious and thoughtful product makes a great holiday present.

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