Mattress PadAs we all bounce into spring, we often start getting the itch to bust out our tax returns and spend some time investing in our home. Some go crazy with an entire renovation project, but most just like to upgrade little things here and there. Details do make the home important! Likewise, while you are thinking of the upgrades around your home, don’t forget to upgrade the quality of your sleep! Right now, Cuddle Ewe™ is offering 15% off our wool mattress pads/toppers! There are so many benefits of our mattress toppers, you’ll be wondering why you waited this long to buy one!

Wool Mattress Topper/Pad

Hello, you well rested, good lookin’, hunk of love! Quality, restorative sleep can really change a person and this is what people will be saying to you once you can finally get the sleep you need! As we offer 15% off our wool mattress pads/toppers, we get excited that people will get to enjoy the benefits of our mattress toppers at a discounted price! If you have ever had a Cuddle Ewe™ wool mattress topper/pad in the past, you would understand the great deal! Both our wool mattress topper/pad and our travel wool mattress topper/pad are made with organic, 100% all natural wool from the Cheviot Hills. In this area, the vegetation is perfect and the climate is so unique that our wool is both the softest, yet resilient thing your body will ever lay on!

Benefits of our Mattress Toppers

This is no mattress topper you get at a local drug store, this is the real deal. It has helped so many people suffering from insomnia and pain get a good night’s rest. Our wool mattress topper/pad does this by evenly dispersing pressure points within the body all throughout the wool. This essentially makes the person lying down feel like they are resting on a cloud, with a completely even distribution of weight. Additionally, benefits of our mattress toppers include: fire resistance, wrinkle resistance, mildew and mold resistance, natural temperature controlling capabilities, as well as moisture control properties.

Now available, try our travel wool mattress topper/pad! Don’t leave home without it! If you already have and own our wool mattress topper/pad, take advantage of our 15% off wool mattress pads/toppers sale and purchase a travel wool mattress topper/pad! Don’t miss this great deal at Cuddle Ewe™! To get 15% off our wool mattress pads/toppers, call us today at 800-290-9199.