Wool Mattress ToppersCuddle Ewe™ has Quality Wool Mattress Toppers that will fit perfectly over your current queen sized mattress available to order online 24/7.  Our products are designed to ease night aches, pains, tossing, turning, insomnia and help naturally induce sleep by comforting and supporting your entire body while you lay there. Get a great night of sleep – every night – when you lay on wool. One area you should never skimp on is the place you lay your head down for hours each night. Research has shown that we sleep away approximately 33% of our entire life, do it in comfort for goodness sake.

When you spend that much time in one place you may want more than just a Wool Mattress Topper. Have you considered the pillows you sleep on? Do they give your head the adequate amount of support for your sleeping position? It may be time to upgrade more than just the comfort of your mattress, check out our wool packaged sets that offer a discount with multiple product options.

Benefits of Bringing Wool into the Bedroom

  • Temp Regulation – Wake up with the hot sweats? Wool can help! We know the stigma that wool is scratchy, hot and uncomfortable but that is just simply not true. Our quality Cheviot Wool Bedding Products are extremely comfortable and one of those reasons is because it is breathable and insulating at the same time. Wicking away moisture at your surface so you don’t wake up in a puddle.
  • Fluffy Comfort – Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep on a cloud, our wool bedding products are the closest you’re gonna get and it feels soo good.
  • Relief from Aches & Pains – Pain never sleeps but our quality wool product are designed to help quite the pains of arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic or painful disorders.
  • Lessen Tossing & Turning – If you are not waking up due to pain, chances are you are tossing and turning. Why? Because you are uncomfortable. Our wool mattress toppers and our other bedding options will keep you in comfort on your side, back and even stomach.

Wool Mattress Topper with Extensive 5 Year Warranty

You read that right! We guarantee our wool mattress toppers stay solid for 5 years or we will do something about it! Our Queen Sized Wool Mattress Toppers were designed to last years. That type of investment shouldn’t be cheap. Invest in your health and your general self when you sleep better and order our Queen Sized Wool Mattress Topper.