Wool Bedding Products“My wife and I are enjoying our Cuddle Ewe™ so far. I now call our bed my marshmallow bed because it feels like sleeping on top of a marshmallow, in the best possible sense of the term.”

– Craig G

Sleep has never felt so good. Why wool bedding? Why not? Just like Craig voiced, why wouldn’t you want to sleep right on top of a marshmallow? Sleeping on wool bedding has so many positives that it’s hard to even think of a negative. It’s no secret that wool bedding is better for your body and helps aid you in getting a good night’s rest. However, not all wool bedding is created equal, it’s just nature’s law. If you are looking for the best wool bedding material on the market, look no further than Cuddle Ewe™’s wool bedding products.

Cuddle Ewe™’s Wool Bedding

Much like sleeping on a cloud, or marshmallow, wool bedding is known to conform to your body, easing pressure points within your body, promoting a more comfortable, relaxing night’s sleep. In the market today, most wool bedding products come from New Zealand. However, after doing extensive research to find the best wool products in the world, Cuddle Ewe™ discovered that Cheviot wool is the most resilient and one of the softest varieties of wool ever known to man. This is due to the unique climate and vegetation found only in the Cheviot Hills. Cheviot wool is thicker and softer than the types of wool found in New Zealand and can therefore last longer and maintain your comfort for the long haul! This makes Cuddle Ewe™ wool bedding products the best bedding product overall!

The Features of Wool

Wool is a natural material that surpasses other bedding in all types of tests. Wool batting supports and distributes body weight better than any other material, such as synthetic fiber or goose down. By distributing weight away from pressure points, wool bedding is ideal for anyone suffering from chronic pain, like arthritis or fibromyalgia. Wool also insulates to the perfect temperature! Because it was once a part of a sheep, it has the breathability feature that man-made products just can’t replicate. It will keep you warm and dry at the perfect temperature, every time.

So if you are in the market for new bedding, why not try wool bedding? Cuddle Ewe™ has the best wool products in the world. Don’t wait another second, you can’t afford to lose any more sleep! Try sleeping on a “marshmallow” today and call Cuddle Ewe™ at 800-290-9199.